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Google Hangouts has seen a mixed reception, from some who have found the feature set lacking and offering nothing over the previous instant messaging client Google Talk, to those who have seen the features enhance their social interactions and even allow for greater work communications, but there seems to be a universal consensus from both camps, that SMS integration would improve matters to a large extent, now AndroidPolice have been tipped that the next Hangouts update will indeed include this.

The tip included two pictures of SMS being integrated into Google Hangouts and as with any good tip, there is a warning that it’s possibly fake, but the guys at Android Police seem pretty sure on this one. They’ve been advised that MMS is also supported in the upcoming update – while pictures are confirmed, there is no indication that video can or can’t be sent.

The options for read-receipts on messages sent through hangouts via SMS is included and each SMS sent has a timestamp next to the ‘via SMS’ label within the hangout.

SMS integrations is definitely about the only real missing feature for Hangouts users, although with any messaging app, there can never be too many features…if they work well. We’ll most likely see this update with the launch of Android 4.4 Kit Kat, but given Google’s recent moves to update apps like GMail, YouTube and even Hangouts prior to an expected Kit Kat announcement this month, it’s possible Hangouts may see an update in the near future.

Is SMS integration something you’ve been waiting on for Hangouts?