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Unsurprising to well, anyone really… Samsung are said to be continuing their self proclaimed dominance over the Android platform and developing their own competitor devices to Google Glass that will be known as “Gear Glass”.

Eldar Murtazin, Editor-in-chief at Mobile Review tweeted not only the name of the device but also an expected time to market for the device.

The name “Gear Glass” fits in with the wearable technology that Samsung have already announced, being the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

It’s important to note that Samsung have not officially announced the deivce or even acknowledged its possible existence at this time. We know that Google Glass explorer edition are already out there in the hands of developers, as are head mounted wearable computing devices like it from various manufacturers, it will be fascinating to see if Samsung can beat them to market with their own take on wearable tech.

Are you waiting for Google Glass or will you consider a Samsung alternative?

Source: Eldar Muratzin twitter.
Via: 9to5 Google.
Companies: Samsung