Wednesday , March 29 2017

Updated: Curved screen Samsung SM-G910S shows up, fails to tell us why curved screens are good

No, that’s not a Samsung Galaxy series phone left in the sun too long and gone ‘funny’ it’s apparently the Samsung SM-G910S a device that is being aimed at the Korean market only at this stage only device that’s due to be announced soon.

Noted leaker @evleaks, this morning posted two pictures of the device, which appears to be the first in the line of curved displays that both LG and Samsung are rumoured to be launching in the coming weeks.

The direction of the curve is a strange one, with most people thinking the curve would come in the horizontal rather than the vertical to better conform to the face, instead Samsung have thrown this against the wall and will see what sticks. But, Samsung have won in the past by offering slightly out there designs, so this could be a winner for them, it could actually be quite comfortable to hold.

It’s important to note that curved is not the same as flexible, so we’re still waiting on something that may offer a little more durability. If Samsung can deliver this style of cruved screen, which seems very reminiscent of recent curved screen LED TVs appearing on the markte, what other form factors could the availability of curved screens offer?

Samsung has officially announced this phone as the Galaxy Round. The phone will be available on SK Telecom only at this stage, confirming the report that it’s a Korean only release for now.

With dimensions of 151×79.6×7.9mm and weighing just 154g, the Galaxy Round will come with a 5.7″ curved Super AMOLED 1920×1080 display, is powered by a 2.3GHz Quad-Core CPU and 3GB of RAM. The camera is a 13MP shooter and comes with a 2800mAh battery.

With the same faux-leather(Pleather) style with fake stitching on the back the phone is very similar in spec and style to the Galaxy Note 3 but with a curved screen. It’s available in Korea only in Luxury Brown, but with more colors becoming available soon.

Samsung have put together a demonstration of the phone sitting on the desk to show the curvature of the phone, it also shows that when titled on the curve, it wakes the phone up to display information.

Would you purchase a phone with this curve in the screen?

Source: EVLeaks 1, EVLeaks 2, and Samsung Tomorrow.

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  • Harpersneil

    If you have to pay a price in the PPI for a curved screen, count me out. If the quality is still, then I guess there’s some appeal it. Not exactly keeping me up at night though…

  • Patrick

    An updated nexus S…about time.

  • GingerNutter

    I can’t quite see a benefit of an inverted curved screen. I’d like to see a phone that will be able to wrap around our forearm/wrist unlock (or undock it from a wrist strap) it and then flatten it out for a full screen view. Maybe this would work better(easier to make) if the device was in landscape going up the arm rather than wrapping around the wrist.

  • Duncan_J

    I just don’t see the need fro a non flexible (due to the hardware case) curved display in this configuration.

  • Andrew

    Shake. My. Damn. Head.

  • James Z

    damn it samsung release the curved flexible phone already

  • Greg

    Samsung is becoming it’s own caricature

  • Sujay Vilash

    Still not too sure what a flexible screen will do for a phone. Can see benefits for a smartwatch. But a phone ??

    • SammyK300

      Apparently it adds durability, but this phone isn’t flexible, just curved.

  • yurl

    A curved phone fits in your pocket nicer especially for phablets. kinda similar to a hip flask

  • neynK


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