Sunday , April 30 2017

Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S5 to have 4GB RAM, 64-bit CPU

Samsung Experience Store - Maribyrnong

How good are rumours? They give us something to dream about while we wait for devices (*cough*Nexus 5*cough*) to launch. In the rumourmill today are some tidbits about the Galaxy S5; it may be a good 6 months off, but that hasn’t stopped Korean media from reporting that Samsung will aim to put 4GB of RAM into the device along with their upcoming 64-bit Exynos SoC.

From the (badly) translated Korean website, Samsung looks to be putting 4GB of RAM into the Galaxy S5 purely to show that it can, and because 64-bit SoCs can support that amount. So the specs-pissing contest will continue for some time to come. Let’s just hope they use a better display in the S5 than they have in the S4.

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Source: DT (korean).
Via: SamMobile.

Buzz Moody  

  • vijay alapati

    4gb? i think its more…..iphone 5s still uses 1gb for its 64 bit……unless samsung adds extra stuff for their touchwiz

    • chris

      Keeping RAM low oh a device is easy when it doesn’t do much in the first place. The lack of customisation means they can trim the OS to a minimum RAM requirement. Also they buy their RAM, Samsung makes their own so much cheaper.

  • GreviousMcG

    “4GB of RAM” Geez, that’s a little excessive. One wonders how the battery life will hold up.

    • Sean Royce

      Ram won’t effect the battery life.

  • Duncan_J

    Finally, almost enough ram for touch with 🙂

    • deanomalino

      hahah zing!

    • Sean Royce


  • Gregorian

    Yeah. Probably. As good a guess as any.

  • mark0Z

    I hope this doesn’t give Samsung the green light to further add more bulk to their Touchwiz…

  • Domunix

    And then again, even with the 4GB of Ram And a 64bit processor what’s to say that the 4.4 Kitkat isn’t 64 bit capable on top of the fragmentation of applications in the Play Store

  • David Watt

    Because everyone needs x64 on their phone :/ … It’s getting out of control. That money would be better spent on improving display, battery or storage technology, surely…4GB and x64 processor is insanely overkill and just going to chew the battery…

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