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How good are rumours? They give us something to dream about while we wait for devices (*cough*Nexus 5*cough*) to launch. In the rumourmill today are some tidbits about the Galaxy S5; it may be a good 6 months off, but that hasn’t stopped Korean media from reporting that Samsung will aim to put 4GB of RAM into the device along with their upcoming 64-bit Exynos SoC.

From the (badly) translated Korean website, Samsung looks to be putting 4GB of RAM into the Galaxy S5 purely to show that it can, and because 64-bit SoCs can support that amount. So the specs-pissing contest will continue for some time to come. Let’s just hope they use a better display in the S5 than they have in the S4.

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Source: DT (korean).
Via: SamMobile.
Companies: Samsung
Devices: Galaxy S5