Tuesday , January 17 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sales surpass 5 million in just one month

Galaxy Note 3

Samsung CEO, JK Shin, has told reporters that the company’s Galaxy Note 3 has surpassed 5 million sales just one month since coming to market. He said that the response to the Galaxy Note 3 had been greater than that of its predecessors thanks to consumer awareness of the brand.

The Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II took five and two months respectively to get the same sales figures. How silly were we early on to think the Galaxy Note line wouldn’t be a raging success.

Source: Hankooki.
Via: SammyHub.

Buzz Moody  

  • GingerNutter

    “How silly were we early on to think the Galaxy Note line wouldn’t be a raging success.”
    Yes silly you. I however Called It!!! hehe 😛

    • boars

      It boggled me the first time 99.99% of the media thought the first one would be a flop. To me the idea seemed solid, I bought one outright day 1.

      Awesome media consumption phone, somewhat decent at note taking (students/meetings), funky as a little art pad (artists) and the stylus great for path games like Flight Control.

      Wacom digitisers are about 4000 times better than the crap stylus you get for normal touch screens.

      The thing that really boggled me was after the success of the first one, people still thought the second one would fail?

      It’s funny though, for years everyone wanted a smaller and smaller phone… then the reverse occured… we’ll definitely hit a limit to the extent of how big someone will accept a phablet to be and we must be pretty damned close now heh.

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