Thursday , April 27 2017

17 of Google’s own apps have been updated in the past few days, ready for KitKat


A keen Reddit user has spotted Google updating their apps despite no roll out in order to prepare them for KitKat’s (Android 4.4) launch in what feels like a few days. 17 of the apps have their last update set at October 28th or 29th yet only some of the updates have rolled out to users. Those apps are:

  1. Analytics
  2. Blogger
  3. Calendar
  4. Chrome
  5. Drive
  6. Earth
  7. Fiber
  8. Gmail
  9. Goggles
  10. Google+
  11. Google Play Services
  12. Hangouts
  13. Keep
  14. Play Magazines
  15. Snapseed
  16. Translate
  17. Wallet

I think at this point it’s very clear that Google have got everything set up and ready to go. All we need now is for them to actually stop teasing us and just announce something, anything, already. It’s all too exciting for us Android lovers.

Source: Reddit.
Via: Android Authority.

Buzz Moody  

  • vijay alapati

    its already late, just open the orders for nexus 5 plz…

  • The latest update to the Play Store is bloody annoying. Tapping the menu button now only brings up a couple of menu options. You need to tap the separate hamburger icon (top left) to access all the settings. That got old real fast…

    • aryonoco

      Menu button?!

      That’s your problem right there. You are using a device that has a button that was deprecated in early 2011. Please don’t hold the rest o us back!

      • Mondy

        i have a nexus and he is right. the menu buton only has 2 options

        • Guest

          It has updated to use the new slide out menu…options are all found in there, just swipe from the left

      • Greg

        The menu button is in the action bar on devices without hardware buttons.

  • Mondy

    OH REALLY? how come the only update i got was for the play store? dont post this unless it aplies to australia

    • Actually this IS relevant to all Android users, NO-ONE has actually received any of the updates as yet, Google has updated all these entries with the date of the update as October 28th/29th.

      As Buzz said – “I think at this point it’s very clear that Google have got everything set up and ready to go.”

      So, all these updates will most likely go live as soon as Google release Android 4.4

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