Tuesday , March 28 2017

Nexus 5 orders are arriving in Australia – send us your pictures!


Australian orders for Google‘s newest baby, the LG-built Nexus 5, are now arriving.

FedEx delivery estimates seem to be fluctuating. Mine originally said Tuesday, but then the phone arrived safe and sound this morning, as you can see above. It looks like delivery of some Victorian orders will be delayed until Wednesday because of the Melbourne Cup public holiday – unfortunate, but then you lot DO get a day off for a horse race 😉

We’ll have a proper first impressions post up in the next couple of days, but until that happens we’d like to hear from you!

The arrival of any new device – Nexus or otherwise – usually ends up with a lot of unboxing pictures, so post some in the comments below.

Show us your Nexus 5 unboxing! Tell us your story and give some initial thoughts and feelpinions about your new phones!

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Jason Murray   Deputy Editor

Before discovering the Nexus One, Jason thought he didn't need a smartphone. Now he can't bear to be without his Android phone. Jason hails from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane depending on his mood and how detailed a history you'd like. A web developer by day with an interest in consumer gadgets and electronics, he also enjoys reading comics and has a worryingly large collection of Transformers figures. He'd like to think he's a gamer, but his Wii has been in a box since he moved to Sydney, and his PlayStation Vita collection is quite lacking. Most mornings you'll find him tilting at various windmills on Twitter - follow @JM77 and say hi!

  • dzeikei

    Couple pics I took this morning for Facebook bragging lol =)

    • RCB

      So pretty….. In a non creepy way

    • RCB

      Do you get cold under the air con vent?

  • Tyson

    How do I send a pic on here for I need to register account?

    • Jason Murray

      There’s an “upload images” button to the left of the “Post as X” button.

  • John Gabriel

    got mine this morning too 🙂 just messing around trying to get the micro sim activated.

  • Jason Murray

    Something tells me there’ll be a large number of “phone on a white desk” photos posted here 🙂

  • Mick

    Mine is sitting at FedEx depo going to pick it up after work.

  • Clarence Tang

    Looking forward to seeing in-depth reviews of the Nexus 5! I was umm-ing and ahh-ing whether to be an early adopter, or waiting until the problems have been identified.

  • KSI

    Mine is on the truck (Gold Coast) hopefully gets here soon. Also said Tuesday delivery.

    • KSI

      Just arrived.

      • Marné Prinsloo

        You guys are lucky!
        Mine ordered on friday 8ish am and delivery on wednesday… still in HK apparently

        • KSI

          I ordered at 4-45 am on Friday night. It just made Fedex cut off Friday night to get on plane.

          • KSI


          • Juan Mackie

            I am on the GC too , i ordered at 2 am on friday and mine are still in HK ,awwww you lucky ………

          • Marné Prinsloo

            Some guys have all the luck

  • Roman Kulish

    Mine has two dead pixels ((((((

    • nitzer71

      Sorry to hear that. What you intend to do? Are there many other people having the same problem?
      Waiting for mine…should be delivered in the coming hour(s).

      • Roman Kulish

        It seems like only me having this issue so far 🙂 Which is not a surprise considering all bad luck I’ve had with devices since last week (fried MacBook motherboard by installing Linux for instance).

        I called them and they organized replacement with no drama. Waiting for further instructions e-mail.

        Good luck to you with your one. Last hours are always the hardest! But device is simply amazing, gorgeous screen!

        • RCB

          Nooooo!I have two dead pixels as well! Right in the middle of the screen! Who did u call?the 1800 number on the invoice?

          • Roman Kulish

            I called them to 1800 093 181

            I hope it’s not common issue. Could you post a pic?

          • RCB

            I’m getting a replacement, except I am looking at 4 plus weeks for delivery… I’ll upload a photo this arvo

        • nitzer71

          I received my N5 and also have a dead pixel on top right of the screen. I called them and received instructions for the RMA (2 steps). The second step is not really clear regarding the pre-paid UPS label. When and how will I get that label?

          • Roman Kulish

            You can reply them back. I think you’ll get the label together with replacement phone.

          • nitzer71

            I wonder how long it is going to take to get a new one taking into account that they are sold out. Did you also get a RMA with email instructions?

          • Roman Kulish

            Yeah, I did. When you order replacement it’ll show shipping date. Mine is November 6th. I think replacements are shipped separately from the main stream.

          • Roman Kulish

            I’ve just received shipping confirmation.

          • nitzer71

            Same here

          • nitzer71

            Any news on your side? UPS label or shipping of new device? Mine is still

            Shipment information sent to FedEx

          • Roman Kulish

            Same status. It states that it will be shipped on 5th. I expect UPS label with the package. On my email they say that a new phone may come without charger, keep that in mind.

        • Montalbert_Scott

          for interest of everyone here in case we need it- what number did you call?

          • Roman Kulish

            1800 093 181

  • Robert Williames

    Mine is still sitting in LANTAU ISLAND HK

  • Chay MacTavish

    Got mine! 32gb, Black, Ordered at 8:15am-ish, Sydney CBD.

    140mb update out of the box.

  • vijay alapati

    just called fedex, was told mine will be delivered on Wednesday (tuesday is public holiday in Melbourne). so going to pickup from their warehouse @6 today, so i can spend time tomorrow rooting it 🙂

  • Collecting Nexus 5 phones for my friend, his wife, my wife and myself from the FedEx depot after work.

  • shaboogen

    Mine’s apparently being delivered between 4-5. We’ll see.

  • Damon Lewis

    I’m heading down to the fed ex depot after work to pick mine up. They called before and told me to get there as soon as I can since it’s going to be busy.

  • Christopher

    Mine’s been on a truck for delivery all morning. THIS IS TORTURE!

  • Marné Prinsloo

    Mine hasn’t moved since Saturday. ETA Wednesday…

    • Greg

      Mine either, yet ETA stubbornly says ETA Monday 4th. At least I’d have closure if it said Wednesday.

      • Marné Prinsloo

        feel your pain dude

  • Jason Murray

    Noone’s going to post their unboxing pics? Disappoint!

  • Kin Choi

    got mine for the past hour, been very good

  • David Anderton

    when you guys do the review can you try out USB OTG and give a detailed section on speaker quality and battery life? At the moment I can only play RR3 for about 45minutes on my N4 before the battery is thirsty for a charge.

  • Adam

    Here’s what i’m getting at the moment… sighhhhhh

    • Eason

      Mine is exactly same like yours.

    • pete

      same boat here. I work in a Uni so I didn’t even think of cup day holding it up. looks like we will be waiting till Wednesday.

      • Adam

        Indeed. Melbourne cup trolled us good!

      • pete

        ah man I tried very hard to not check the damned FedEx site every few minutes… but this is getting intense, my phones been on a truck since 6am and still waiting at 4pm. one hour to go and it looks like I will be waiting another day. Its stupid but annoying.

    • David

      Pretty similar here. Predicted to get Wednesday.

    • Montalbert_Scott

      exactly the same here. i am away for the long weekend so not too stressed, although i am super jealous of all the Ausdroid staff who have theirs…

    • zqudlyba

      Same. Mine is stuck in Derrimut Melbourne Fedex warehouse since Monday. Tuesday is public hols in Melbourne, so will get shipped Wednesday instead.

  • Haris Shaikh

    Missus just picked them up..she says those babies are amazing !…i have officialy jumped ship from apple to android…..I FEEL FREE !!!

    • Montalbert_Scott

      welcome mate. settle yourself in around here- you’ll be here a while. and never forget that there are many ways to do things on Android. google things and find out how others do things. find what works for you. Everyone is different. We have a few things on here too that may help..

      and then there is the whole custom rom/obtaining root access scene… opens up a whole new world all over again- its like the red pill or the blue pill scenario.

      if you have any questions ever just hit us up on our Google+ page: https://plus.google.com/communities/106151555416023971407

  • Stig

    Mines been stuck on this”Clearance delay – Import
    in clearance process”

    Anyone have an idea 🙁

    • Luke

      Mine too. Ordered on the 1st. It arrived in Aus on the next day. Has been stuck in Clearance delay – Import for the whole week now. It’s the 8th today. This sucks!

  • Still Waiting

    Mine has been “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” since 10am. I doubt they’re going to make it here before my office shuts at 5pm

    • Eason

      lol, maybe tell the boss that you wanna do over time

    • Kin Choi

      depends on the distance from ur house to the warehouse, could be the longer it is, the longer the time

    • Still Waiting

      It’s here! First impression, why did they change the orientation of the micro usb port? 9 months with the N4 and I can only just remember which way to plug it in. All that muscle memory is now wasted!

      • Buy a wireless charger and don’t bother with the microUSB 🙂

  • Chris

    Alas Ausdroid app is crashing out on Nexus 5. Sorry guys there are problems with 4.4.

    • Thanks Chris, Zac is working on this at the moment.

  • Adrian C

    Mines still at Kwai Chung HK ‘Initiated’ for awhile now.. bashing the FedEx track order doesn’t help speed it up 🙁 Hoping by end of the week!

  • jimmy

    hey all, i’m wanting to buy. Can the camera be acccessed with a wrist flick like the MOTO X ?

    • Not really, but you can access it from the lockscreen easily enough.

      • Kin Choi

        yep but wish we could use other phrases instead of “ok google”

    • Adam

      Nope sorry Jimmy. It does have voice activated Google now though

      • Kin Choi

        it must be done on launcher, cannot be done while sleeping as it doesn’t have always on processor that the moto X has

  • Mohammad Danish

    My shipment status is stuck on ‘initiated’ since I got the shipment email from Google yesterday morning. Travel history only shows shipment information send to FedEx, ‘anticipated’ ship date of 02/11 and no estimate of delivery.

    Anyone else in the same boat? I bought 32 White at 9:30am on Friday and it showed it will be posted by 5th November at the time of my purchase.

    • Jason Murray

      Mine was like this until Sunday afternoon.

      • Mohammad Danish

        Phew, good to know mines not an exception..

  • Brett

    Dies anyone else have darker bands at the top and bottom of the home screen. Almost like a reverse light bleeding?

    • chris

      it is the launcher

      • Brett

        Thanks, noticed when looking at wallpaper does not seem to dim.

    • mark0Z

      The wallpaper shadowing is part of the UI design.

  • Jonathan

    Does it have a Micro or a Nano SIM?

    • Kin Choi


      • Jonathan

        ok, thanks! 🙂

  • Cassie

    My estimated delivery was tuesday 2 hours ago, been pushed back until thursday now.

  • I got the black and Wifey got the white. Incidentally, the edges/sides are shiny and slippery on the white whereas the black has the same soft edges as it’s back cover. I love the Minimalist design and the simplicity of the software. The taller font reminds me a little of how text appeared on the Nokia N8.

  • James Z

    quick question how good is the nexus 5 compare to other snap 800 phones thats currently on the market like sony xperia z1, lg g2, samsung galaxy note 3 etc etc im thinking selling my note 3 and get the nexus 5 but not entirely sure if its worth it

  • niknaks

    never thought i would hate a public holiday

  • lolmanic

    Got mine this afternoon but can’t seem to get the voice activation to work without clicking the microphone which isn’t really hands free… am I doing something wrong?

    • whispy_snippet

      Unfortunately the phone needs to be set to US English. It won’t work with any other accent/language variant.

      • lolmanic

        ah crap sticks, thanks for the heads up!

        • whispy_snippet

          Start practising your American accent!

          • Kin Choi

            switch to US English then say “OK Google’ directly to the phone, it must be directly as any distant will distort the command (also say it slowly btw)

          • whispy_snippet

            The problem with doing this is, unless you’re American, your phone will have a lot more trouble understanding what you’re saying when using voice input.

      • Montalbert_Scott

        only google now needs to be set to US English. you can still have the system language as UK/AUS but in google now there is now a setting to change the language for it.

  • Guest

    Picked mine up at the FedEx Depo at Derrimut 🙂

  • Hakan Oglak

    Picked mine at the FedEx Derrimut Depo on Monday. Funny thing I noticed was the LG Service Centre is right next door to FedEx.

  • Duncan_J

    Oh man. Mine has been delivered to home, and Im at work 55 minutes away.

    If this wasn’t my second week in my new job I’d be feeling very sick about now.

    We’ve waited a month whats another 5 hours.

  • CaptainMalarkey

    Hi all. Are these coming with a valid Australian tax invoice with an ABN etc. yet or the same style they have had for the past few devices?

    Hope you are enjoying those bad boys!!!

    • Kin Choi

      You get an invoice and a letter from google along with the package

  • Adam

    Got my baby this afternoon and was very surprised at how much finer the detail is in the new design. The press renders don’t really do it justice. My Nexus 4 looks like a relic already!

  • Amos

    where should i buy it tommorrow in melboure?
    pls reply me

  • yasser

    We just bought the Nexus 5 on November 8th. Does anyone know when could I receive it?

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