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The tablet in the picture above, which was found on the Android Kit Kat website on Sunday, caused a bit of a stir with many people divided between decrying the picture as a photo-shopped mismatch and something that they would be happy to look into purchasing, but if Google is indeed working on an 8″ Nexus tablet to compliment their Nexus stable of devices then the LG V510 which just passed through the Bluetooth SIG is a definite possibility.

The device which passed through the Bluetooth SIG is an LG device with the model # LG-V510, very similar to the LG-V500 of the LG G-Pad which was launched in other markets around the world last month. Google has made a habit of launching devices with very similar model Numbers to the devices they are cribbing from : LG Nexus 4(LGE960)/LG Optimus G(LGE970), LG G2(LGD802)/LG Nexus 5(LGD820/821) etc.

The LG G-Pad which has yet to be announced for Australia features an 8.3″ full HD 1920×1200 IPS display, powered by a Snapdragon 600 processor and 2GB of RAM, it’s got a 4,600 mAh Li-Polymer battery as well as a 5MP camera, and a microSD slot and from initial indications seems to be quite the decent device. So, if this is indeed destined to be launched as a Nexus 8, then it seems like quite a good start.

Could this 8¨ Tablet be launching instead of the replacement for the Nexus 10 which failed to launch at the same time as the Nexus 5 or is this just a new version of the LG G-Pad?

Source: Blog of Mobile, and Bluetooth SIG.
Via: Droid-Life.
Companies: LG