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LG G Flex
The LG G Flex is quite an intriguing device and as time goes by, the temptation to get one is growing, especially when LG shows off some of the technology in action like the phone actually flexing and the back healing from minor scrapes.

From their Self Healing & Durability video on YouTube, you can see the phone recover from light scratching from a wire brush within minutes as well as the phone flex from it’s curved form factor to straight and back again with no apparent long lasting damage.

While it’s not actually worth me investing the almost $1400 to import the phone, it would certainly be a tempting option to purchase one on a plan if LG were to bring the phone to Australia. LG has been doing some excellent work of late with their phones, the G2 is a genuinely stunning handsetand the Nexus 5 is another great handset as well, keep it up LG.

Would you consider the LG G Flex on contract if LG brought the handset to Australia.

Source: LG YouTube.
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