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This morning, Ausdroid has taken the wraps off a project it has been working on for a little while. Our goal has been to make Ausdroid faster, more responsive and easier to read on the run (whether via our recently released mobile app, or via a web browser). So, without further delay, please put your hands together for Ausdroid 4.0.

Key elements of this new design include:

  • Clean, white interface with fewer graphic elements — this means faster load time.
  • Responsive layout — looks great on mobiles, tablets and desktops without clumsy mobile themes.
  • Ease of maintenance, meaning less time with things not working properly.

There’s a few places that show off some of the special features of the theme, so amongst everything else, make sure you check out:

Most importantly, though, we want your feedback on this new look. Please tell us what looks great, what doesn’t, and any suggestions you have which would make Ausdroid easier to read and enjoy for all.