Friday , April 28 2017

Waze partners with Universal Pictures to bring celebrity voices into your car

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Waze, the socially driven, turn-by-turn navigation app, which was acquired by Google in June this year for $1.3US billion has partnered with Universal Pictures to add a little something extra to their turn-by-turn navigation service – Celebrity Voices.

The first ‘Celebrity’ to provide input for the service is US Comedian Kevin Hart, whose voice is now available to download within the App – Settings > Sound, then select ‘English – Ride Along’- Ride Along is obviously a reference to Hart’s upcoming movie featuring Ice Cube about a potential suitor riding along with his bride-to-be’s Police Father, with the App also allowing passengers to purchase tickets to the movie….in the US.

Waze has provided a demo video featuring Hart, which shows how the system will work exactly:

Venture Beat has advised that Kevin is the first, however the Waze Blog has not advised of any further plans for this function, and to be honest, while I can see it as something probably worth while as a one of bit of fun, for me the novelty would wear off quite quickly, along with your data usage probably going crazy, depending on how the language packs are implemented.

Still, it’s a bit of fun and if you’re a Waze user it’s available to try out now.

If you are interested, you can download the app now from the play store.

Would you use this additional feature in Waze? Do you currently use Waze for your navigation purposes?

Source: Waze, and VentureBeat.
Via: Engadget.

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  • 458 italia

    Celebrity voices. Good grief Charlie Brown!

    I thought the Google acquisition of Waze might improve the visual interface and provide better warnings of road hazards and revenue raising speed cameras.

    Where I live, Waze doesn’t even warn of fixed speed cameras that have been in operation for years. Even after I reported the cameras to Waze, nothing was updated.

    Trapster is at least a bit more up-to-date and does provide a warning of the same cameras.

    Instead of providing improved functionality, Google Waze seems to be focused on just catering to the lowest common denominator – the moronic Homer Simpsons of the world.

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