Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to Android next month!

GTA San Andreas
Everybody’s favourite sandbox game developer Rockstar has this morning announced that the next Grand Theft Auto game to arrive on Android (as well as iOS and Windows Phone) will be Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Arriving next month, fans of the current Grand Theft Auto incarnation – Grand Theft Auto V – will be able to see the earlier incarnation of Los Santos and take on the role of Carl “CJ” Johnson as he fights his way to the top of the pile with the Grove Street Gang. But it will be a newer and improved version of the game that players will see in the mobile release with Rockstar advising they have overhauled the graphics with

Newly remastered graphics including dynamic and detailed shadows, greater draw distance, an enriched color palette, plus enhanced character and car models make this the best-looking version of San Andreas yet.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve already got my SixAxis Controller app installed and a Slimport adapter ready to go, in preparation for playing this game. If you haven’t found the Combine Harvester in the wilds of Flint County, then taken it for a spin in a populated area then you’re missing out.

Anyone think there’ll be a Hot Coffee mod installed in the mobile version?

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  • Ben

    Omg!!! Soooo pumped for this

  • deanomalino

    Simply awesome.

  • paulie

    bring it on !!!!

  • Sean Royce

    Absolutely can’t wait for this! Hope the graphical improvements will be worth the wait!