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Nexus 8
Rumours of a Nexus 8 tablet have begun again this morning with a tweet from EVLeaks showing that the LG V510 which had previously been speculated on as a Nexus 8 could possibly be being commissioned by Google.

The rumour that has been circulating, is that the LG-V510 is to be an 8″ Nexus tablet based on the LG made 8.3″ GPad tablet that went on-sale last month in Australia which has the model# LG-V500. With no Nexus 10(2013) being released this year, it’s possible that Google could just drop the 10″ form factor and concentrate on the 8″ although with a hugely successful 7″ tablet on the market it seems a little strange that Google would introduce a similarly sized tablet.

It’s nothing to get terribly excited over, there’s no real corresponding information, the ‘leak’ is not a User Agent Profile(UAProf) rather the contents of some sort of XML file and is from a tip sent to EVLeaks, not the usual information that Evan Blass the man behind EVLeaks can confirm through seperate channels. The buzz around an 8″ Nexus tablet was quite positive when this first came up in October/November so it’s possible Google could have commissioned something.

Would Google release and 8″ tablet with a successful 7″ model already in the market? Could this replace the Nexus 10 in their product line-up?

Source: EVLeaks.
Companies: LG