Nexus 7 Folio Case - Black

While Google still hasn’t added the option for a White Nexus 7which they added to the US Store this morning, they have added a more premium folio case to the list of accessories available for the popular 7″ tablet.

The Folio cases are available in two colours – Black and ‘Bright Red’ – and act as a dual purpose cover + stand, with the cover offering a trifold design that will stand the tablet in an upright stance for viewing media or in a more flatter stance more suited to typing.

Nexus 7 Folio Case - Red

The Folio cases aren’t exactly cheap though with the case costing $54.95 with two options for shippping :

  • Saver (6-8 Business Days) – $4.50
  • International Priority (2-7 business days) – $15.95

Head over to Google Play where you can select your colour and order today with units due to ship in 1-2 days in both colours

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Source(s): Google Play

  • Brian

    $60 including shipping…hmmmm but it’s not actually covering the back?!?

  • Paul Walker

    Like the N5 they seem to be trying to make some of the money back with overpriced accessories. It’s nice gear, just too expensive.

  • Fred


    Not only ugly, but overpriced. Why is it google can never come up with decent accessories and sane prices?

  • Hamish

    oooo I need that for Nexus 10!

  • MarnĂ© Prinsloo

    Yea, my Poetic Slimline case never leaves my Nexus 7 (2013). It’s by far the best I’ve seen.

  • Jason Hill

    I’ve ordered a back one to check it out, I like the fact the back is exposed as the soft plastic is nice to hold