Burg Smart Watch 16 now available from Big W for $178

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It seems wearable devices are becoming all the rage, with a few different makes of smart watches now available within the market place. With Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, Sony’s Smart Watch 2 and the Pebble smart watch, competition is certainly beginning to ramp up.

It seems now Big W wants to get in on the smart watch craze, with the Burg Smart Watch 16 device which acts like the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The Burg watch can make and take calls along with creating and sending SMSs. Unlike other smartwatches though, the Burg 16 doesn’t require tethering to your existing mobile phone or mobile device. Rather, the Burg 16 is a mobile phone in its own right!

Yes, that’s right. You put a SIM card in it, and that’s the only device you need carry; it truly is a phone on your wrist. It would make Dick Tracey proud.

The Burg 16 Smartwatch specs include:

  • 1.54″ touchscreen (240×240 Pixels)
  • Standard SIM card slot
  • FM radio
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Micro SD compatible
  • Tracking system
  • Ability to send/receive SMS & calls
  • Headset

The device is listed as having ‘multimedia capabilities’, though this inclusion isn’t expanded upon, making it unclear exactly what multimedia capabilities the watch has. With such a small screen, it’s reasonable to conclude that playback of music might be the extent of these capabilities, but equally, there’s probably no reason (beyond the minuscule screen) that the Burg 16 couldn’t play back movies or photos as well.

The Burg Smart Watch 16 is aimed at women who are looking for a stylish device. It does seem however the only colours available are black and white.

If you’re in the market for a smart watch but don’t want to pay the hefty prices for other smart watches (such as the Galaxy Gear), then the Berg Smartwatch 16 might just be for you.

Would you consider purchasing the Berg Smartwatch 16? Are you in the market for a smart watch device? Tell us in the comments below

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  • Daniel Narbett

    I presume it’s some proprietary OS, or is it Android? (I’m imagining Android 1.6 Donut ;)

    • bhislop

      Was going to ask the same!

  • nevetsg

    So, this watch can cater for a normal sized SIM and an SD card. But a 5″ phone couldn’t possibly, there just isn’t enough room…

    • JeniSkunk

      The Burg 16 is NOT an Android device. It’s a wristwatch feature phone.

    • Estelle Crawford

      I bought a burg smart watch 16 from bigw my sim wouldn’t go in or fit please help

      • nevetsg

        I don’t have one but I would think that the instructions should help? I found an ended Ebay stating that it is a micro SIM.

      • Shuei

        The BURG 16 has two card frames inside it, the small one is for the micro SD the larger one is for your SIM. They are accessable with the battery removed and fold ove each other to save space. They have to be shut in a particular order that is detailed in the downloadable pdf users manual from the BURG site. This is more detailed than the quickstart guide that comes with the phone. Once shut the battery helps to hold them in place. I hope that replacement batteries are available as the phone is quite usefull. The bonus of playing videos and photos is fun, but the basic SMS, WAP and CALLing ability without the need for a brick in my pocket (and the ongoing ‘bum dial’ or broken screens from sitting on them) is fine on your wrist. Bluetooths to the car fine as well. I hope you sort out the SIM issue.

  • Chanti

    Is it good for anything
    I would like to buy it because I need something like that as I forget my phone everyday but don’t know if I should?

    • Browny

      it is great i have one.

  • madison kata

    I bought one from big w,but it wont read my sim..