Thursday , April 27 2017

Oppo teases Find 7 on social media

Back in June we posted on a rumour that the Oppo Find 7 would possibly arrive sometime in September. It’s now December and we haven’t seen definite proof detailing the final specs of the Find 7 , although recently Oppo have hinted that the device is still coming and will be a large improvement on the Find 5 .

On Thursday in celebration of the Find 5’s First Birthday, Oppo posted to their twitter and G+ social media pages, a teaser of the yet to be released Find 7. The key tagline of this is Always Improve, this suggests that the Find 7 may be a massive improvement over its older brother.

For those who haven’t heard much about the Find 7, here are the current rumoured specs of the device:

  • 5″ Full HD display.
  • Quad Core Snapdragon 805.
  • 3GB RAM.
  • 13MP rear facing camera.
  • 5MP front facing camera.
  • 4000mAh battery.
  • 32GB of Internal Storage.

There has been a bit of discussion over the size of the Find 7’s screen, with some rumours suggesting that the Find 7 will have a 5.7″ or 7″ screen. Carl Pei an employee at Oppo Digital, has clarified that the Find 7 will not have a 5.7″ or 7″ screen, although he hasn’t stated what the true size of the Find 7’s screen will be.

Now that CES 2014 is under a month away, it is possible that Oppo are now gearing up for a surprise launch of the Find 7 at CES.

Do you think we will see the Find 7 launched at CES 2014? What are your thoughts on these current rumoured specs?

Source: Oppo G+.

Adam Ricket  

  • etherspin

    give it always on listening for google now/voice actions to make it a hole in one..

  • mrjayviper

    32GB and up or bust! or they could always add a microSD reader 😀

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