Monday , June 26 2017

Sonic the Hedgehog games on sale until New Years Day

If you’re like us this time of year, you might be looking for something to fill in the gaps between your Christmas commitments, and what better way to spend some spare time than playing some old-school games and reliving your youth.

Well, it’s not quite that nostalgic, but Sonic the Hedgehog was a big part of my younger days with my Sega Megadrive, and if you, too, want to get back in on some retro gaming, now could be the time, as Sonic the Hedgehog games are on special in the Play Store for the next week or so until new years.

Here’s the full list of games on sale:

These games are all pretty fun, with Sonic All-Star racing reminding me of the early Mario Kart days, and the two Sonic the Hedgehog 4 titles being straight up classics in the old Sonic style. As with most games played on a touchscreen, the touch interface isn’t perfect for gaming, but for a quick casual game here and there, it’s more than passable.

For under $5, you get some great games to kill some time with, so what are you waiting for?


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2 Comments on "Sonic the Hedgehog games on sale until New Years Day"

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geoff fieldew
Valued Guest

Just grabbed All Star Racing.

Valued Guest

Sonic jump seems to be 0.99 cents again


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