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Unisurf 7″ and 10″ tablets now available at Target


With Christmas well and truly over, the Boxing Day sales have now begun and retailers like Target are wanting to cash in on the growing uptake trend of Android tablets with two new tablets being placed in both the Target online and retail outlets are the Unisurf 7″ and 10″ Android tablets.

Unisurf 7" tablet
The Unisurf 7″ tablet, which is being priced at the lower end of the market with some ok specs for the consumers this little device is aimed for.

The full list of specs include:

  • 7″ Multi-touch high resolution screen
  • 1GHz processor
  • 1GB Ram
  • 16GB internal storage with Micro SDHC memory card reader (Up to 32GB supported)
  • 0.3MP front facing camera
  • Built-in microphone
  • Built-in speaker
  • Playback Time: music – up to 9 Hours, video – up to 4.5 hours, web browsing – up to 5 Hours
  • Android 4.2 operating system

If you’re in the market for a cheap Android tablet and the Unisurf 7″ whets your appetite, it is available for $79 (originally $99) both online or at your local Target store.

Next up we have the Unisurf 10″ tablet which again is being aimed at the lower end market and the consumer alike, so the specs again are Okies given the market consumer it is aimed for.

The full list of specs includes:

  • 10″ Multi-touch high resolution screen
  • 16GB internal storage with Micro SDHC memory card reader (Up to 32GB expandable memory)
  • Android 4.2 operating system
  • Front (0.3MP) and rear (2MP) facing camera
  • Store your favourtie photos, music and movie
  • Built-in microphone
  • Built-in speaker
  • Output: HDMI and Micro USB
  • Video output: 1080 x 720p supported
  • Rechargeable Li-poly battery, Playback Time: music – up to 9 Hours, video – up to 4.5 hours, web browsing – up to 5 Hours

If you’re in the market for cheap 10″ tablet and the Unisurf 10″ tablet, then you can purchase the device both online and in store for $149 (originally $199).

Are you in the market for a cheap 7″ or 10″ devices? Are the Unisurf 7″ and 10″ tablets specs and low pricing enough to make you consider buying the either of the devices?

Source: Target.

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  • Allister Roger

    Do these play video OK? Thinking of getting one for the kid for the car

    • JeniSkunk

      We do not know precisely what CPU SoC these are running, much less whether or not they actually have a proper GPU. The GPU is needed for hardware acceleration for video playback. Bargain basement tablets such as these rarely have a proper GPU, instead cutting corners by using the outdated, low-end GPU that’s part of the SoC.
      The 10in tablet will not be able to play 720p HD video natively, as its screen res is lower than 720p HD.
      In short, your best off to treat these Target offerings with ignore.
      If you HAVE to buy a budget tablet, then hit your local branches of Aldi to see if they have any remaining stock of the Bauhn WL-101GQC, price-tag $199. Using MX Player as the video playback app, the Bauhn can manage to play 720p HD video.

  • saabaus .

    I bought one yesterday 😮
    Seems to be built well though it gets a bit heavy in the hand after a while.
    Image quality seems to be ok for video – currently watching a show from the ABC iview and its working quiet fine.
    Playing angy birds GO the video would freeze momentarily occasionally – nothing significant but it was noticable.
    The device wont start up if its on charge – unplug it turn it on and then plug it back in again.
    It is limited to 1mobile market and wont update the app.. 🙁
    Video image looks fine but small text – like you find on most web pages is a tad blury needing to zoom in on most pages. In part this is due to the odd screen dimensions 22.3 x 12.6 cm nice wide screen image but not so good for reading.

    For a cheap tablet it doesnt seem to bad a deal. as long as dont want to read too much on it.

    • JeniSkunk

      No Google Play, that’s a Critical Failure.
      Gaming stutter indicates the GPU is unable to cope.
      iView is only 576i SD, so the GPU isn’t being pushed too hard when watching that.
      The font size issues should not be happening. Defective settings from the manufacturer.

      Comprehensive garbage like these Target tablets are why the bargain priced sector has such an abysmal reputation.

      To put it bluntly, these Target tablets should be reported to the ACCC as Unfit For Purpose.

      • Sean Royce

        Agreed completely, this is why Android often gets a bad name. These ridiculously cheap Android phones and tablets make us Android users look cheap and inferior.

        • saabaus .

          After being an apple user for many years – I thought I would give android a go and yep after trying a cheap tablet (primarily because I wasnt convinced I NEED a tablet 😉 ) yep, my impression is Android users look cheap and inferior (no offense intended) the lack of consistancy accross the “brand” is its biggest downfall – there is something to say for a walled garden ;-). The tablet will be going back and primarily because it cant access Google play. All the apps I could get from 1Mobile are just adware or buggy. Apparently they do have paid apps but you cant download the newer version of their app to allow you to purchase apps.

          • Mark

            So you bought a cheap asian knock off tablet and compared it against Apple’s products? Seems legit bro.

          • saabaus .

            I just compared an apple with an android – they both start with A 😉
            The Unisurf failed on its own – poor text, and no access to quality apps is its main failing for me.

          • JeniSkunk

            No saabus. You did NOT ‘just compared an Apple with an Android’.
            Where you made the mistake, was attempting to compare a comprehensively crippled el-cheapo Android tablet, against the Apple iPad.
            A proper Android tablet for comparison to the iPad, would be a mid to high end Android tablet. Try comparing the Lenovo Yoga B8000-F, Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

          • saabaus .

            Sorry I didnt intend to do anymore than offer some hopefully usefull feedback on the unisurf tablet.
            It appears though the Android business model leaves itself open for some nasty experiences. When Google allows android to be installed on just about any product the “bad” products bring down the impression of the “good” products. Rightly or wrongly my experience of Android OS has now been tainted by cheap hardware. I quiet possibly would have had a much better experience with a better quality device but that was not the way the marketing worked. Google would do themselves a favour possibly by reducing access to their OS and upping the standard of the supported hardware somewhat.
            Many years ago a computer company I worked for would heavily advertise a cheap PC – the idea was for that add to draw the customer into the shop and then it was up to quality sales people to show the customer how much better the more expensive computer was (with better margin of course). The idea was NOT to sell the cheap pc’s becaus ethat would create a negative customer experience.
            This seems like a similar case – BUT the “sales” people at –insert favorite department store– are not doing their part of the job and hence i walked out of the store with the cheapie and the consequent poor experience. OK WAAAYY of topic now but hopefully you get what Im saying and not trying to “diss” android and its users.

          • vtwkang

            This raises an interesting point, it seems sort of ironic to me that people praise Android for being “open” whilst at the same time criticising devices that don’t provide the user experience that Google intended (whether due underwhelming hardware or through software modifications). I mean, you can’t really expect one without the other, can you?

          • JeniSkunk

            I’ll bite.

            The REAL true Android user experience is AOSP.
            Not Google Play Edition, not Samsung TouchWiz, not Huawei Emotion, not HTC Sense. So the real Android user experience is not what Google intended.

            The hardware specs and quality, should be at a level where the device works properly, straight out of the shrink-wrap. This is a problem for these Target tablets as they cannot manage that.

            The bundled software should be able to work correctly, straight out
            of the shrink-wrap. This is a problem for these Target tablets as
            they cannot manage that.

            The app store available to the device should be a legit one, relatively free from adspam. This is a problem for these Target tablets as the app store they have is a known adpsam app store.

          • vtwkang

            I didn’t suggest that Google’s user experience is the “real” Android, and this question isn’t really relevant to the larger issue at hand. But to say something about this point, I think that the real Android user experience is whatever one likes the best. By definition, AOSP is open for anyone to build on top of; there is no single authoritative Android experience. And AOSP on its own doesn’t provide a lot of value for the vast majority of end-users anyway. Most of the value in any version of Android lies in proprietary apps and services like Google Play.

            But I think all this is getting off track from the main point, which I’m not sure that you fully picked up on. What I had pointed in my earlier comment is that there is a tension between Android’s openness and the wildly variable user experiences that result from this openness. You simply cannot eliminate the latter without damaging the former. Regardless of one’s position on the matter, it’s a philosophical issue that at the very least needs to be acknowledged.

            And I don’t think these Target tablets — and budget tablets in general — deserve such harsh criticism. Sure, the device has too many HW/SW compromises for us power users, but for the price point, they provide a computing experience that did not exist only a few years ago. It opens up computing to a whole new class of users, particularly in the developing world. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and it couldn’t have happened without Android’s openness.

  • NickE

    Cant gapps be loaded via adb? Usually the only reason google services is omitted is due to licensing.

    I think people are being a little unfair. Sure these are cheap and crap but no one spends $80 on a tablet and expects the same experience as a $200 or $400 device.

    • JeniSkunk

      The Unisurf 10 had an original RRP of $199. Target did knock the price down to $149.

      The Aldi Bauhn WL-101GQC had an original price of $249, and it’s currently listing as $199, if you can find stock.
      The Aldi tablet was criticised as being cheap and nasty on launch in June 2013, but it is a comprehensively better tablet than the Unisurf 10.

  • Matthew White

    is anyone interested in modifying this device at all? i am very interested, as i want to get all the bloatware off, starting with root…

    • SYD Harry

      Could you please provide me quick short notes of rooting method?
      Were you able to install Cyanogen mod any other rom.?

      Thank you.

      • Matthew White

        Well you just run the superoneclick from windows with adb drivers installed and should be rooted, alas I rooted mine but when launching a root application I didn’t get a su request as for building a clockworkmod is a bit advanced for me so no I didn’t get to cyanogen mod

  • Richard McLachlan

    Total rubbish waste of money. Bought my son one for xmas, then as am now overseas can not return it.

    Every game wont load, always says needs to update.
    factory reset does not run.
    There is a pinhole “factory reset” spot, with no factory button behind it.
    Holding down start and volume key does nothing.

    Abysmal, underpowered rippoff.

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