I love most of what Google does, but as a consumer, they frustrate the hell out of me sometimes; for the most part it’s their @GooglePlay on Twitter and Google+ accounts which frustrate me a lot, mostly when they post about an offer that is geo-locked to the US.

It’s become common to see banners on links from these accounts along the lines of:

Google Play - Not Available

At a core level, I and all the other Android users understand this forced geo-blocking, it’s frustrating but we have no control at the moment as it seems to be agreed that it’s due to content providers who have yet to learn that the Internet is a global phenomenon, but one day we’ll get there.

Yesterday, Google released a video that was tied to a sale they are holding in the US, you can try the YouTube - Geo Blocked.

For those who did go to extraordinary lengths the commercial they released was actually really, really good. The video is titled ‘Google Play – Play Your Heart Out’ and it’s a hell of a commercial, and hey, this is the internet, so things will out, watch it here in its full glory and let us know what you think:

Source(s): YouTube
  • Colby BROWN

    I think they do that because some things are too usa and uk and au wouldn’t get some of the things @disqus_HuBlCovzDS:disqus

  • magnafunk

    I thought adblockers were banned for play store ;-)

  • David

    Very good ad but I hate Geo block, maybe a tutorial for us who don’t know to get around it might be a good article

  • pete


  • JeniSkunk

    First time in ages I’ve actually sat through a long ad, and loved it. We should not be being forced into trying to find ways around geo-blocking just to access ad content, much less actual content.

  • Anthrox

    the reason for the geoblock is we dont have TV Shows and maybe some other content on the play store in Australia

  • Michael Petkov

    Thanks for that link! Tried yesterday but was Geo blocked. Very good ad I agree!