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LifeLink Photo
Battery life is definitely one of the biggest issues facing mobile devices at this time, with most requiring a top-up charge at some stage during the day, but how do you achieve this? Lug around your charger, carry a microUSB cable? The team at PlusUs seem to think their LifeLink ultra-portable charging cable could solve this conundrum.

PlusUs is a team of three Australians from Perth, who have pooled their experience to create what they feel is a durable and convenient way to charge any mobile device. The LifeLink is at its heart a charging cable, it’s compatible with most devices with the option to choose from either a microUSB connector or more Apple friendly Lightning or 30-pin connector on one end and a standard USB on the other. The cable is encased in Teflon to add durability and comes in a choice of Grey or White.

At only 85mm long with the ability to more than doubles its length to 178mm, and at only 2.5mm thin, it’s about the size of two credit cards, so LifeLink can fit conveniently in a wallet while still giving you a fairly decent length of microUSB charging cable.

LifeLink in Wallet Photo 2 300 dpi

How much does this cost? Well, they’re not shipping yet, but they will apparently be shipping sometime soon, with the website advising shipping will begin in ‘Early 2014’. But you can pre-order the cable for just $19(Normal price will be $24) + Shipping, with shipping coming with two options – tracking ($8) or no tracking($5). PlusUs is also a company with a conscience, with every LifeLink cable they sell, they’re offering the chance to help one of three charitable causes :

  • Provide 2 days education for a child in Nepal.
  • 1 day of shelter for a family in India.
  • Contribute towards building water wells in Ethiopia.

It’s a pretty neat looking concept and as an Australian based company, if you’ve ever felt the need to carry a microUSB cable around – and which of us hasn’t really – then you should check out the LifeLink website and get a pre-order in, or if you’re still not sure, check out the LifeLink promo video :

Source: Lifelink.