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Google - Bitspin - Timely
The big news this morning is that Google has acquired Bitspin, the company behind probably the best looking and indeed functional clock App Timely and in a very generous move, made all in-app purchases free.

Bitspin announced the acquisition on their blog, advising that they were joining Google, where they will ‘continue to do what we love: building great products that are delightful to use’. According to AndroidPolice who broke the news, Bitspin was also the team behind the beautifully designed and functional Tasks App albeit under a different developer name.

After using Timely since its release it’s hard to argue with anything in their statement; Timely is beautiful and is definitely a delight to use, the interface is gorgeous to behold and the synchronisation of alarms between devices is astonishingly fast and accurate. If you haven’t tried Timely yet, the best part of the news is that all the themes and in-app purchases have been removed and are now simply included in the App. So, it’s now time to try it out; simply install Timely on multiple devices and try it, your alarms are synced across devices and if you mute an alarm on one device and it almost instantly stops on others.

Whether Google simply integrates Timely as the default clock App in Android or perhaps utilises the synchronisation technology into other parts of the OS is something that will be answered at a future time, but if Timely is an indicator of the way that Android is going in terms of look and function, Android is going to be a very good looking OS.

Have you used Timely? What do you think of having the look and feel integrated into Android?

Source: Bitspin.
Via: AndroidPolice.
Companies: Google