Friday , April 28 2017

Leaked screenshots suggest Samsung might be changing TouchWiz

Samsung’s mobile products are extremely popular, but one common complaint has been the performance (or lack thereof) of one of the key components of the Samsung architecture, namely TouchWiz. Even we’ve been critical of TouchWiz and its lags and stutters, and questionable design sense, and the disconnect between various aspects of the user experience.

Complaints ranging from child-like icon designs, cluttered interfaces and bloated design have filled much of the discussion about TouchWiz, and sadly, little has changed. However, from the image you can see above, courtesy of @evleaks, it looks as if things could be about to change.

There’s a change of font, but that’s not too remarkable, as fonts are fairly readily changed by users and developers alike. More stark are the new looks for standard applications, and a layout somewhat familiar to users of HTC’s Blinkfeed. The whole design just looks a bit flatter and cleaner, somewhat like what Apple did with the change from iOS 6 to iOS 7.

We know that @evleaks has been on the money before, but equally, he’s missed the mark a couple of times as well. Will TouchWiz take this form? Who knows, but any improvement to its current status would probably be welcomed by many.



Chris Rowland   Editor and Publisher

  • whispy_snippet

    Hmmm better but still not great.

  • Brian

    I think these are fake, why would they not change their own S-apps.

    • kjmci

      Work in progress?

    • Alexei Watson

      There’s another screenshot of the lock screen, which was put on twitter by sammobile.

  • Alexei Watson

    Knowing samsung, it’s probably a flat modern skin on top of old touchwiz on top of android.

  • Harpersneil

    Nexus all the way for me thanks!

    • Jesus

      Same. Although I wish it had dual / multi window like the Samsungs (and LGs)
      Besides that, Nexus all the way.

  • Alexei Watson

    lock screen courtesy of sammobile

    • Brian

      This looks more like Samsung. All white icons following the Kitkat guidelines. ^^

      • whispy_snippet

        Getting better!

  • ok

    Finally transparent status bar, yah! Hope they fix the lags in contract, phone… sometime just lags a sec or two

    • Jesus

      Transparent status bar? They were like the first, if not one of the early adopters, to have it…

  • Jesus

    Not so sure about the font…

  • Andrew

    Doesn’t look much better imo.

    Samsung has a very Asian philosophy with their devices; Make them as quickly and for as cheaply as possible.

    There’s no philosophy behind their devices. They’re just churning them out with random ideas and see what sticks. Touchwiz was all over the place as far as UI and features goes. These screenshots look the same.

    This new UI (assuming it’s real) doesn’t show the UI improving at all. It’s as if they just threw something together so when they reveal the next Galaxy phone they can have ‘completely redesigned UI’ as one of the dot-points (as the S3 and S4 were literally exactly the same) along with new, half-baked S-this and S-that features.

    I see no design ambition or goals with their hardware/software. It’s just ‘there’ and as long as it works, it’s good enough.

    Maybe I’ve become jaded after owning Sony and HTC phones in 2013 and seen how much nicer a well designed phone (both hardware and software) can be for the user experience, but then again maybe the tens of millions of people who own Galaxy phones just don’t notice/care. The phone works for them and they’re happy.

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