Friday , April 28 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo specs leak


Late last year we mentioned that Samsung have been rumoured to be working on a lower-powered follow-up to the Galaxy Note 3. According to the leaked specifications at the time, the Note 3 Lite (now known as the Note 3 Neo), would be the lower powered brother to the Galaxy Note 3. Thanks to an anonymous tipster, GSMArena have recently acquired official Samsung documents detailing most of the final specifications and features of the Note 3 Neo.

As you can see from the specifications listed, there are still a few small aspects of the Neo such as the dimension and overall form factor which are still yet to be confirmed. With these new leaked specifications, it looks as though Samsung are targeting the Neo to sit somewhere between the the Note 2 and the Note 3 in terms of functionality.

Keeping with the Premium design introduced with the Note 3, the faux leather cover and case range will also be returning for the Neo. As well as introducing the new advanced S Pen features and multitasking functionality, Samsung will also be implementing a 1.7GHz Hexa-Core (1.7GHz Dual Core + 1.3GHz Quad Core) CPU compared to the Quad Core CPU in the Note 2.

Note: Keep in mind that these specifications are rumours and are very likely to change prior to the device officially launching.

What are your thoughts of these specifications? Would you buy a higher performance version of the Galaxy Note 2?

Source: GSMArena.

Adam Ricket  

  • toast

    Thumbs up.
    A repackaged Note 2 at a good price. My wife could use that.

    • Brian

      So it’s like an iPhone 5C.

      • Avon Perera

        Except that it’ll actually be sufficiently cheaper than the note 3 to make it a worthwhile purchase. You know, unlike the 5C

        • Brian

          Well the price isn’t out so we will have to wait and see. Samsung overprices a lot these days so 🙂

          • Branden Aye Tremblay

            i agree on samsungs pricing , the s4 mini is way over priced compared to devices like the razr m and xperia sp. the xperia m although on 4.1 is a steal at $194. going off this the note neo will probably in the $500-700 range

          • Adam Ricket

            My guess will be $569 🙂

  • Brian

    Saw some pics on Sammobile. It almost looks identical haha

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