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Boost have announced via their Facebook page, that they will be cutting their data allowance by 1GB on their $40 ULTD recharge effective 18 February 2014.

The post, tipped to us by Brad Hook, was posted up by the company yesterday at 3:30pm already has about 282 comments, most of them negative with customers stating their frustration and in most cases, stating they will be porting to other service providers.

Here is the post from the company yesterday:

Boost Facebook data change post

The company is stating that within the post that most people are not using the full 3GB of data which is why they are cutting the data allowance.

Personally this seems to be a trend which is happening to Telstra MVNO providers/companies, with ALDI Mobile also doing the same late last year. This could be a further push for Telstra trying to squeeze MVNO providers and forcing customers either onto their own pre-paid service or other telco’s services.

What ever the matter, as a Boost customer, I am not happy with this change and will be looking to other telco companies for a better deal.

Thanks to Brad for tipping us on this matter.

Are you a boost mobile customer? Are you upset or considering changing telcos because of this decision? We would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below

Source: Boost Facebook.
Via: Boost.
Thanks: Brad Hook.
Companies: Telstra