Wednesday , October 26 2016

Samsung appears to have started blocking some third party accessories

spigen note 3 case

A couple of months ago, we heard rumours that Samsung was pondering a plan to block third party accessories from some of its devices, like cases, chargers, car kits and the like, especially where those accessories mimicked functionality offered by Samsung-branded accessories.

It seems that these rumours might be a step closer to reality today, with reports that the Android 4.4.2 update for the popular Galaxy Note 3 handset is blocking third-party S-View cases from functioning.

The Spigen S-View case (pictured above) lacks the small identification chip of the official S-View case from Samsung, and thus while it still functions perfectly well as a case, the S-View feature — allowing users to view content from the device’s screen through the window on the case — no longer functions.

It seems that there are two work arounds at the moment, but none are particularly ideal:

Reports on SamMobile suggest that this is the only accessory currently affected, which by extension suggests that perhaps this is just a trial by Samsung to see whether it’s something they want to roll out more widely. One hopes that this doesn’t spread more widely.

Source: SamMobile.

Chris Rowland Publisher and Acting Editor

  • NOZ

    Thats one way to prevent third parties from developing accessories…which is not so much copying but promoting its core product. Samsung is turning into Apple. And while I do own the official Samsung cover I whole-heartedly do not agree with this. Not just restricting in this sense either. They are making it ever more difficult for the developers community too – bootloaders-roms-downgrading-warranties… Samsung just stop.

  • Steve Offer

    What percentage of Samsung smartphone income is generated by accessories? Bugger all I would suggest.

  • toast

    Never buy Samsung. Simple.

  • Tim

    So…just for the 3rd party s-view cases?, I mean how about the normal flip cases ?. Thankfully they aren’t putting the chips on their cables like Apple, and I hope it stays that way

  • zac

    Seems Samsung denies it (Android Central)

  • zac

    Seems Samsung denies it (Android Central)

  • phill360

    Sounds like Samsung is becoming more like Apple with everyday that passes. I having been trying to avoid buying Samsung products for a whille

  • Damien Xenos

    First the Galaxy Gear only working with premium Samsung phones now this. Looks like its Nexus, LG or Sony for my next phone