Sunday , April 30 2017

Android 4.3 rolling out to Telstra Samsung Galaxy Note II – other carriers to follow soon

Telstra Galaxy Note II
Seems that the Android 4.3 update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has begun rolling out to handsets, at least Telstra branded handsets for the time being, with other carriers promising the update should begin shortly.

At 946.94MB it’s not a small download so you may want to hit up a WiFi connection before you begin – there’s no word on whether it’s counted against your data plan – but it includes all the features you’d expect, including Knox update for consumers, Galaxy Gear compatability and improved UI and performance :
Android 4.3 Note II

The update is due to hit both Vodafone and Optus handsets, with both of those carriers advising they have completed testing and are awaiting rollout schedules for the Firmware Over The Air(FOTA) update. Until then, you may wish to try connecting your phone to Kies on your Windows or Mac PC.

Have you updated your Galaxy Note II handset to Android 4.3? What do you think of the update?

Thanks: Phil.

Daniel Tyson   Editor at large

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  • Malcolm B

    I received the 4.3 update on the 25th on my Virgin Galaxy Note II

    • Sean Royce

      That’s great that smaller carriers like Virgin are getting the updates first.

  • vijay alapati

    If people are already on 4.1 or 4.2 it’s waste to update them to 4.3……better move them to 4.4.2

  • Johnny Sots.

    Update was painless, after downloading it took about 15 minutes to reboot.
    Since the update, the display seems crisper, with better contrast. The UI? I dunno things have just been presented and regrouped can’t say that it’s much of an improvement?
    Oh, for some reason I received about 50 reminders for Foxtel shows in my planner. Haven’t worked out what they is all about yet. 🙂

    • Alex D

      I had a couple of issues, namely after installation, some apps stopped working, but uninstalled then reinstalled them.

      It does clean them up but the main new Samsung apps are Knox, Group Play, updated S Voice, and a new separate video app for all your videos. Main feature is Knox which is quite balky and weird but extra security is always a bonus I say!

  • phantomsofthedesert

    Come on Optus, your lagging, by the time we get 4.3. the kitkat update 4.4 will out. I know testing has to be done but really. 4.3 has been out for a while now. other Australian carriers have it and there appears to be no known faults

    • Alex D

      Just looking at the Optus updates page, they have stated that they approved the update on 21/01/2014 and the update was expected to be available within the next few days from there. Maybe try having a look through the software updates within the settings menu and about mobile on your GNote 2, otherwise maybe try connecting it to Kies. Let us know how you go Phantomofthedesert!

  • Tommy Wong

    yeah my Virgin Note 2 got the update few days ago already lol

  • Fiddle Castro

    Got it from Telstra 2 weeks’ ago, so your update is a bit late. Anyway…
    …I’m glad to have the update, but it is laggy in too many departments and has now introduced the occasional freeze. This is not progress. This update has gone backwards….but I hope they’ll tweak it to improve it soon.

  • wpw

    Downloading optus now….922.68MB.
    Bout time

  • fix it dad

    all share is gone with the upgrade had to down load maps again to get nav to work better fucked, taken it back to telstra and get the old system loaded back on. new screen saver is crap too….

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