Thursday , March 30 2017

Twitter app update for Android brings new photo sharing features and more


Twitter have released a new version of their Android app which includes new features for photo editing, tagging friends, and showing content on refreshing your stream.

The new photo editing features are probably the most useful, including options to crop your photos easily to a Square, Wide or Original size. These aren’t too exciting, but none the less, they’re a bit of an improvement.

Twitter have also added a feature that will remind you to tag (@reply) your friends when posting photos, but it seems that this feature is a bit hit and miss; we haven’t (as yet) been able to get this working. The change to the “pull to refresh” behaviour means that if there’s nothing new in your feed, you’ll be given recommendations on interesting users to follow, trending topics or recommended tweets.

We personally don’t think these last two new features are very useful, and in fact have the propensity to become rather annoying for users of the official Twitter app, which has already diluted the simple timeline functionality of Twitter with recommended tweets, promoted tweets (read: ads), discover and connect options instead of the nice and simple timeline, mentions and messages columns which have been the centerpiece of Twitter for so long.

Check out the new update, but we can’t recommend enough trying out one of the third-party clients that represent a much, much better experience.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free

Chris Rowland   Editor and Publisher

  • TheDeviant

    Still has nothing on falcon pro

    • It definitely doesn’t. I’ve abandoned the stock app for Falcon Pro long ago.

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