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Good news this morning if you own a Chromecast, with Google finally opening up the SDK to all developers. This release will finally enable all developers to build Chromecast support for the dongle into their Android iOS and Chrome Apps.

While, 10 developers got access to the SDK in early December allowing them to release updates for their Apps, there is still a need for more Apps to increase the popularity of the device. There’s also a need to extend availability of the actual hardware, with sales still restricted to the US Google Play store, as well as selected online and bricks and mortar retailers in the US.

There are a couple of options if you want to get a Chromecast, you can either import through a Shipping forwarder from the US or you can jump on over to Fishpond and order one of the dongles from there. But rest assured, our eyes are glued to the Australian Google Play devices page.

With this launch, we fully expect to see Australian Apps, such as Pocket Casts who have Chromecast support built in and have simply been waiting for this launch to update their Android – and we assume iOS – App. The Launch of the Chromecast SDK is also tied to Google Play Services 4.2, which began rolling out today, so expect that update too.

If you’re a developer you can head on over to the Google Developers blog for more information or head right on over to the Google Cast SDK page now

Source: Chrome Blog.