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Sony Xperia
The Xperia Tablet Z was a surprisingly nice tablet, that Sony launched last year, surprising in that the last two tablets from Sony the Xperia Tablet S and Tablet P weren’t generally speaking raging successes but the light, thin, fast, waterproof design of the Tablet Z was quite an attractive package, now it looks like a Tablet Z2 is coming up soon.

@Evleaks has just provided the specs for what they believe Sony will call the Xperia Tablet Z2, previously known by the codename ‘Castor’ :

The specs update the CPU from a Snapdragon S4 Pro to last year’s SoC of choice the Snapdragon 800, which also bumps the clock from 1.5GHz on four cores to 2.3GHz on each of the cores and a bump in RAM will also accompany the new CPU.

Of note is the new tablet will be an insanely thin 6.4mm thick(or should we say thin?), making it even thinner than the iPad Air, which had previously claimed to be the worlds thinnest tablet. The thin tablet will still maintain the winning Ingress Protection rating, that a number of Sony Xperia owners love, although what level hasn’t been leaked.

The launch for ‘Castor’ was expected to be at MWC, and with seemingly solid specs, it would seem that the launch is pretty much a lock. We look forward to the Sony Press event on the 24th of February Australia time, to see if this new tablet will be announced.

Source: EVLeaks.
Companies: Sony
Devices: Xperia, and Xperia Tablet Z2