Monday , May 2 2016

LG adds more smarts to Knockon with Knockcode


Last week, LG revealed revealed to Korean press the latest device to follow up from its G Pro smartphone, the LG G Pro 2

The press were invited to have hands on experience with the G Pro 2 whilst also taking a look at the newest software addition, Knockcode.

To fresh your memory about what Knock is all about, if an LG device features back-facing keys, users can double tap on the device’s screen to turn the display on and off. Now while this feature is still quite cool, the company has has programmed in a way for users to set up a ‘knock code’, which will allow you to assign a specific knock pattern to turn on the display and unlock the device. Think of it as a PIN number combined with knock-on.

The knock code isn’t just for unlocking the device, though. You can also set the code to recognise where the taps occur on the screen. For example, you could set Knockcode to recognise the tap of a square shape on the screen, or some other pattern.

You can check out the video below, which shows how the knockcode feature works directly on the G Pro 2:


It certainly is something interesting if not an added bonus piece of protection from people trying to possibly gain entry to your smartphone.

Do you think Knockcode is a gimmick or would it bring added privacy protection? We would like to hear your thoughts below

Source: Droid Life, and LG Social Blog.

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  • Phill Edwards

    Sounds v interesting. Hope it becomes available for the G2. I love knockon and find myself trying to use it on other devices!