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This morning saw the launch of the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5, it’s bigger, faster and has more sensors on it than ever before, like the 200 Million customers who’ve already purchased a Samsung Galaxy S series product, there’s millions more waiting to get this latest phone, so we’ve spoken with local carriers here in Australia to see who will be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile has advised that they will indeed be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S5, but have no immediate information regarding pricing and plans for release. They are also looking at the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit and will advise if they are carrying these products as we approach launch.


Optus has advised that they will be ranging the Galaxy S5, while they don’t have pricing or availability information available just yet, customers can register their details for more information at :


Telstra will definitely be getting the Galaxy S5 and had this to say :

Telstra is excited about the new Samsung GALAXY S5, which was launched in Barcelona today. We can confirm that the Samsung GALAXY S5 will be available for Telstra customers when it is released in Australia. Customers can register their interest here:


Vodafone has advised that they too will be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S5. Customers interested in registering their interest can head over to the Vodafone website to enter their details.

With all four major carriers offering the Galaxy S5 we hope to see some decent competition on pricing and plans. None of them at this stage mentioned that they will be definitely be carrying any of the Gear line of wearables, but as we approach the release date we expect to hear more from all four carriers.

Edit: After Optus added their intention to carry the Galaxy S5, we have updated this article to reflect that.

Who will you be getting your Samsung Galaxy S5 from? Or will you be getting it outright?

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Companies: Optus, Samsung, Telstra, and Vodafone
Devices: Galaxy S5