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Moto X
The Moto X was a subject of much contention when it launched as a US/American exclusive, but it’s slowly rolled out to other markets of late beginning in the UK at the start of this month. Now it seems that Australia may be getting the phone, along with our friends over in India.

At the Motorola event at Mobile World Congress, Motorola took to Twitter to answer some questions put to them from Motorola fans around the world and one of them asked this very important question, which Motorola answered :

There’s no mention of when, how much the phone will be, or if any deals with carriers have been reached for when it launches in Australia. They did address Moto Maker for the UK as well as in Mexico which could also speak to their plans for international expansion of the service.

While it isn’t an immediate plan to roll out the service, it looks as though they are searching for partners, which you could probably interpret as waiting for Lenovo to take over and extend it.

After launching in the US 7 months ago, the question has to be asked: is it too late? The 12 Monthly cycle of hardware releases means that the Moto X could possibly be replaced soon and Motorola even answered a question that points to when this will occur:

It’s certainly going to depend on price as to how successful the Moto X is when it launches here and we have a large number of questions. We’ve asked Motorola Australia if they are able to shed any light on details surrounding an Australian/Indian launch and will let you know any details they can provide.

Source: Motorola Twitter.
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