Wednesday , March 29 2017

CyanogenMod team has at least one Nokia X in hand and Fastboot works just fine

Well, that was fast. It seems that at least one member of the CyanogenMod team has gotten their hands on the Nokia X and are reporting that things are looking promising. Abhisek Devkota, listed as the Head Public Relations Liaison & Forum Administrator for Cyanogen Mod has posted a picture of the Nokia X on Google+ saying ‘Let’s see what CM can do on this thing…’.

The post which has only just gone up, doesn’t say much but he has continued in the comments, advising that :

The notification bar only comes down 50%. There is only 1 button: back. Long pressing back takes you home. I haven’t figured out out how to multitask. AFAIK the recent apps are only accessible from the home screen.

Fastboot appears to work fine, so just need root or kernel source and we can hack away.

Also, 90% sure its using CM recovery source.

Of course the big issue is the bootloader being unlocked, which will enable future development on the device. The other issue as Abhisek points out, is we are still waiting for Nokia to release Kernel source for the Nokia X, which they would be obliged to do under the terms of the GPLApache 2.0 that the Android Open Source Project – the code behind the Nokia X software – is built on.

We hope to see more on this, including an answer to whether the bootloader will be unlockable very soon.

Will you be more inclined to buy a Nokia X if there’s a possibility of a more Google friendly version of Android is available?

Source: Abhisek Devkota Google+.

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  • toast

    Sounds like a fun little project if you have a couple of hundred dollars to mess around with, any you’re feeling quirky. But I am not going to dump a proper phone for it.

  • JeniSkunk

    If they can get CM properly on the Nokia X to turn it into a WORKING Android device, great.
    But NEEDING to put CM on the device in the first place, just to make it work right, shows just how broken it really is, straight out of the shrinkwrap.

    • kjmci

      [citation needed]

  • rustemy

    Truth is I’d love to get one just to show Nokia what could’ve been (in Android phone sales) if they had signed a deal with Google rather than Microsoft. Problem is, I’d be giving Microsoft my hard earned in the process.

  • Matt Groff

    You had it right the first time, they must open source the linux kernel because of GPL. The Apache Android licensing has nothing to do with kernel source.

    • omegavesko

      Yeah, I don’t get the edit either. AOSP’s Apache license doesn’t require them to release source code at all, that’s why OEMs only release kernel source to begin with.

  • oabesamis09

    A nokia x running CM would be a great secondary phone. I’m currently using a very old nokia feature phone for my 2nd line. With the price of the nokia x and the possibility of installing cyanogenmod, I might just go for the upgrade. For those wondering, my primary phone is a galaxy s3 running CM 10.2(I only install stable builds)…

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