Thursday , April 27 2017

HTC shows off Boomsound and teases an improved version in a new trailer

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With the title ‘HTC Technical Translations #1: BoomSound’ you’d be tempted to skip over the video when it comes up in your YouTube subscription feed, it sounds kind of boring, but it’s actually pretty cool. It also has the bonus of teasing the ‘All new HTC One’ – yes, they call it that in the video – which will apparently have even better BoomSound.

In the video, there’s a full technical run-down of how Boomsound works, delivered by what is meant to be some sort of sound engineer(Hey, he has a labcoat, he must be smart) with a more generic description for the lay person(from the guy in the casual clothes) to basically say that BoomSound is just great.

It’s actually not a bad video and the guy that plays the audio engineer actually drops some pretty decent beat boxing at the end, my only question is where is RDJ?. Check it out:

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Source: HTC YouTube.

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  • hornyboi

    BoomSound is a joke. Beats audio is the best

    • Sean Royce

      Beats audio is far from the best.

    • shaboogen

      Best if you like no return on investment.

  • SammyK300

    Cool ad, hopefully the new One will be impressive after the lackluster Z2 and S5

    • Sean Royce

      You’re kidding right? The Z2 is amazing. It’ll probably be my next phone.

      • SammyK300

        Fair enough, for me I just think they’ve blown the size out to phablet territory, making it no good for me.

        • Sean Royce

          It’s 5 inches..

          • SammyK300

            It’s 5.2 and the actual size is huge, go on phone arena and user their size compare tool

          • Sean Royce

            I still want it. Badly.

          • SammyK300

            Yeah fair enough, it’s just gone too big for me, if it was the size of the Xperia z I’d be highly considering it.

          • Sean Royce

            I’m pretty over Samsung too. My S4 is okay.

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