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According to legend, it’s this time of year that Google looks at their Android hardware partners and begins to choose the manufacturer of the next Nexus phone, and according to a ‘business related source’ that spoke to at Mobile World Congress, that manufacturer will be LG – for the third consecutive year.

After the sale of Motorola to Lenovo, it was widely rumoured but never confirmed that Lenovo would be manufacturing the next Nexus phone, but this new rumour tips the South Korean electronics manufacturer who has already made two well crafted phones for Google on what must have been a fairly restricted budget as making a third phone which will be based off the upcoming LG G3, which is expected around May/June.

They’ve gone as far as to create a mockup of a third LG Nexus, incorporating design and possible colours that could be built into the so-called ‘Nexus 6’, taking cues from the current as well as possible colours offered for Nexus phones, and hardware design from one of the more interesting phone releases this year – the G Flex :
Nexus 6 Concept from also refers to LG manufacturing a Google Nexus Smartwatch, something that has been rumoured to launch at Google IO in June. Rumours around the watch are that it will feature full Google Now integration, but apart from that, not a lot is known.

LG has made two highly regarded Nexus phones – the Nexus 4 had limitations with lack of LTE as well as average camera and battery life, but was a brilliant hardware design (although a little fragile), and the Nexus 5 is a great handset that Google is continuing to improve with software tweaks as the year progresses, but is otherwise a very well designed handset. So with those two phones in their so called pocket, I and a lot of people would be Ok if this does turn out to be correct.

Would you like to see a third LG produced Nexus phone or would you like to see another manufacturer have a shot? Which one?

Source: Gizmodo Germany.
Via: Droid-life.
Companies: Google, and LG