Monday , May 1 2017

The All New HTC One specs confirmed and new features detailed

After they got their hands on a leaked brochure from Telstra, the team at GSMArena were also able to confirm other specs from the device as well as getting a look a the features that HTC is banking on setting the All New HTC One apart from the competition.

To start with they’ve confirmed that hardware wise the All New HTC One will come with a decent list of specs, which will hold it in good stead against the competition coming to market this year.
All New HTC One Specs:

  • 5″ 1080p
  • 2.3GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
  • 16GB (with 10GB of available storage) + microSD Card slot
  • ‘Ultrapixel’ 1/3.0″, f/2.0 aperture, 2µm pixel Rear Camera with 5MP Front Facing camera
  • nanoSIM
  • 2600mAh Battery
  • 146.36×70.6×9.35mm @ 160grams

GSMArena has also updated their Specs page for the All New HTC One.

As well as the updated specs, the list of features that the All New HTC One will have has been detailed in this sales guide that’s destined to help sales assistants move the phone into customers hands. Once again the Boomsound speakers are a major component, as is the easy to hold design. Software features like HTC Zoes and Blinkfeed are once again being focused on, with all new components.

HTC One Feature list

New features will include the ‘Duo Camera’ which will use the dual cameras on the back of the phone to allow keen photographers to re-focus their photos in post processing. A new ‘Selfie’ mode will help produce a whole new slew of the inevitable Instagram ‘Duckface’ photos.

Gestures will play a part in the software/hardware combo of the phone. A new double tap to wake ‘Motion Launch’ feature will be an interesting concept, possibly a feature that comes as a result of licensing Nokias patents earlier this year. It will be interesting to see how it compares against their Lumia counterparts as well as against LG ‘Knock’. A new gesture – for HTC anyway – will also allow you to answer phone calls merely by lifting the phone to your ear.

It’s a mere couple of weeks to the March 25th launch, where we’ll be sure to see all these features showed off in full.

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Source: GSMArena.

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  • Onel Benjamin

    5mp front facing camera? I think you mean rear…

    • Actually no. The UltraPixel Camera is the Rear Facing camera and there are no details on how many equivalant MP it will be. The Front Camera will be 5MP, this has been leaked previously and isn’t terribly unlikely either.

  • fearofpeas

    If it isn’t IPX7, I’ll probably switch to an Xperia (either Z1 compact or Z2… wonder if they’ll do a compact Z2)

  • Bloods

    That don’t seem right to me. The went back to 16GB? The HTC One is all class. Three things however I dont like on that spec sheet. 16GB storage, Nano Sim, only a 2600 mah battery.

    • kjmci

      16GB: Yep. But now you’ve got that nerd panacea of a MicroSD card slot. I thought people would be singing from the rooftops?
      Nano SIM: Couldn’t care less. Times change, SIMs get smaller. dealwithit.gif
      Battery: Capacity is only half of the equation. There may well be a heap of power-saving functions built into Sense 6.0

      • JeniSkunk

        microSD isn’t a panacea.
        With the obscene costs of mobile data for the pitifully minuscule amount you get, microSD is needed so you can have your content with you, everywhere, while 16Gb devices remain the norm. Even 32Gb devices can all too quickly become cramped for storage.

        If HTC put 64Gb in this bland new device, then maybe, no microSD would be viable. But as it is, with this HTC device being only 16Gb, microSD is really a necessity, instead of being an optional.

        • kjmci

          Sorry Jeni, but not everybody has the same requirements for their phone as you do. Literally millions of people make do with 8GB and 16GB devices and never have a care in the world when it comes to storage.

          People who use 32GB and above are still in a minority and I can bet that device manufacturers have mountains of data to help support this. Including a microSD card gives ALL consumers the best of both worlds.

          Those who don’t need large amounts of storage, it keeps the unit price down and on more accessible tariffs, leading to more sales for HTC. For those who need more storage you have the option of expanding it (probably up to an additional 128GB).

          This is also a global device for hundreds of markets around the world. Just because you perceive mobile data to be too expensive in Australia (it’s not, and your hyperbole is showing) doesn’t mean that your requirements apply to everybody. I enjoy unlimited 4G data for £15 a month. Should HTC make an 8GB variant for the UK and a 64GB Jeni-approved variant for Australia?

          Stop thinking that device vendors product roadmaps should revolve around you. It’s tiring watching you pick apart every device post on Ausdroid because of some miniscule way that a vendor has wronged you.

          • Phil_A_Shio

            Damn awesome post lol.

  • James Z

    i was expecting a 3gb ram and a beefy 3000 battery

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