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With the Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement now completed and the All New HTC One just about leaked in its entirety, focus is shifting towards other flagship phones coming down the pipe, and after the last couple of years we are more and more interested in what’s coming from the ‘other’ South Korean electronics manufacturer – LG. A User Agent Profile for the LG D850.

The progression of model #’s for L’s flagship G series has progressed from the LG D802/803 for the LG G2, D820/821 for the Nexus 5. The progression points to the LG using the model number D850 for the LG G3 as shown in this User Agent Profile shown by EvLeaks. who also speculates that the D850 could be for the G3.

The most exciting thing for this phone is obviously the 2560×1440 resolution QHD screen. Early on in the piece, the Galaxy S5 was rumoured to carry the QHD screen but was launched with a more battery friendly FullHD screen. Whether LG’s famous highly advanced battery technology group, LG Chem, can produce something that will support what’s sure to be a battery hungry screen with QHD resoultion is another question.

The G3 is rumoured to launch as early as May to bring the LG flagship schedule more in line with HTC and Samsung. We’ll have to wait and see what will come and if the rumours are true, that’s not too far away.

Do you actually need a QHD resolution screen on your phone?

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Source: EvLeaks.
Companies: LG
Devices: G3