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A User Agent Profile for an upcoming LG Phone – the D850 – leaked by EVLeaks the other day, which is thought to be a candidate to be the LG G3, showed an extremely high resolution 2560×1440 QHD screen. Today we see some new screenshots from a Dutch site which support the argument for the G3 to arrive sporting one of the first QHD resolution screens on the market.

There’s two screenshots with the 2560×1440 resolution, one showing a setup screen and the other the LG lock screen. The lock screen and settings screen both show signs that LG will again be using the same skin from the LG G2. Unfortunately, the more visually pleasing, darker style of the skin from the G Flex doesn’t appear to be included as it was a big improvement, we can only hope that it’s offered as a theme in the settings.

A QHD screen on a phone from LG would most likely come at a 5.5″ screensize, similar to, or even the same as the 5.5″ 2560 x 1440 Smartphone LCD screen, which LG announced in August last year.
LG 2560x1440
With LG possiblly looking to announce the G3 in May, it’s a race between LG and Oppo to release the worlds first mobile phone with a QHD screen. With LG Chem supplying their battery, it’s more than likely that LG could supply an extremely well optimised battery solution with the G3, something which most smart phone buyers are interested in these days.

Will you be looking at a QHD resolution phone? Or are you needing more information on battery life with the higher resolution screens?

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