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We’ll see the All New HTC One in just over a week and when it launches officially and though we’ve seen the hardware pretty thoroughly, the software has remained a bit of a mystery, until now. New leaker on the block @gadgetleaks has provided a three and a half minute video walkthrough of HTC Sense 6 which is what the All New HTC One is expected to launch with.

The phone or emulator running in the video appears to not be the All New HTC One, indeed the video shows Beats settings, which the new phone doesn’t seem to have on-board. The rest of the video shows off the HTC Sense 6.0 interface which appears to be pretty close to Sense 5.5 but with a few tweaks. The video shows off the new HTC Wallpapers and gives a great look through all the settings menus within the phone.

One of the features that’s shown off cropped up last week, the so-called ‘Motion Launch’ gestures, which includes a double tap to wake gesture, but double tap to wake isn’t the only trick this phone has. Once the phone settings have been set to allow gestures for Motion Touch there’s a whole host of options for waking the phone as well as launching directly into apps and widgets.

Sense 6 - Motion Launch

Double Tap
Pickup the phone in portrait orentation and double tap to wake.
Swipe left
Pick up the phone in portrait orientation and swipe left to wake phone and launch the widget panel.
Swipe Right
Pick up the phone in portrait orientation and swipe right to wake the phone and launch BlinkFeed.
Swipe Up
Pickup the phone in portrait oriendtation and swipe up to unlock.
Volume Buttons (in landscape)
Pickup the phone in landscape orientation and press the volume button to wake phone and launch the camera app.

If you’re at all interested in the upcoming HTC Flagship or indeed want to see what’s in-store for any HTC phone getting an update to HTC Sense 6, then this is a great video. Check it out and see what other tidbits you can find.

Source: YouTube, and GadgetLeaks.
Companies: HTC