It’s finally happening – Motorola announced this morning that it’s bringing the Moto X to Australia.

The device has appeared on the Australian Motorola site, although it’s listed as coming soon.

If you can’t remember the phone that caused such a stir in 2013, you get 16GB of internal storage behind the device’s 4.7-inch 720p AMOLED display, with a customised 1.7GHz Quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro Krait CPU, 2GB RAM and a 2200 mAh battery. There’s a 10MP rear camera and 2MP front, and it’s running the latest version of Android (KitKat 4.4.2) out of the box.

The phone will offer 4G LTE connectivity on Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, although it only supports 800, 1800 and 2600 Mhz so won’t work on some of the more niche networks like Optus’s “4G Plus” network that operates on the 2300MHz frequency in various markets.

Motorola’s playing up the always-listening aspect of the device, with today’s press release making a big point of the voice control features of the phone. It’s a good choice on Motorola’s part, as the voice control has been widely regarded as a high point for the phone in overseas markets.

Disappointingly, the Moto Maker service isn’t part of the Australian launch. This was a customisation service in the US that allowed customers to order a personalised Moto X with their choice of colours – we have to settle for black or white. Hopefully Motorola will see fit to bring customisation options to Australia soon.

We haven’t heard details of retailers or carriers for the device yet, but it’ll be available for an outright purchase of around $549, and we heard a rumour last week that it’ll be sold through Telechoice.

We’re pretty sure that the Moto X will find a userbase here, but there’s no denying that Motorola’s quite late in bringing the Moto X to market here. The device’s specs were a little outdated at its US launch in mid-2013, but it brought some pretty awesome battery life to compensate, as did its little brother, the Moto G.

Given that the rumour mill is already heating up for the Moto X2, and the 2014 flagships from Samsung and HTC are about to be unleashed here, we have to wonder if the Australian release of the Moto X is a case of too little, too late?

Either way, we’re looking forward to finally putting the Moto X through its paces and will have a review of the Australian model in the coming weeks.

Full press release follows:

How do you feel about the Australian release of the Moto X? Will you be switching to Motorola’s new flagship? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Greg Lamb

    Noticed the Motorola Aust site now says available instead of coming soon. Can’t find who’s selling it though?

    • Andrew Melder

      I’m actually looking forward to this, despite the 8 month delay. Just need to know who’s selling the phone.

    • Greg Lamb

      Spoke to Mororola yesterday. They said 16gb is available at JB HiFi. No news on 32gb release. :(

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  • Trent Hawkins

    Why buy this phone when you can get Sony Xperia Z1 Compact for $550? Way better specs, just smaller screen.

  • mrjayviper

    motorola dumping their unused phones to overseas countries. and the price it’s asking for is 6months behind!

  • toast

    Just not at that price.
    It’ll be cheaper soon enough.

    • JeniSkunk

      They should be on launch, at a minimum, half the price tag they are asking.
      Moto X in AU, too late, too low specs, incomplete release, for too much.

  • V-Man

    Isn’t it dual core? Not Quad?

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  • Not Impressed

    Burnt once by the Defy (buggy, laggy, single update that caused even more bugs, but then you were stuck on it). But gave them another chance with the Razr HD since it had to be better as they were owned by Google. Single update again brought multiple bugs, particularly with the bluetooth and wifi, and even more lag. Turned out mine had a faulty mainboard, had it replaced twice, and it was still faulty. Finally returned it. I can’t bring myself to take the risk with Motorola anymore :-(

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  • Me

    Decent hardware with optimised o/s and a rather high price tag…….this is what Apple does, Motorola’s priority is obviously to maximise profit.

    Moto products do not have the allure to demand a premium price tag. This strategy will probably not work well in Australia.

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  • Stephen Crisafulli

    I can’t see anyone paying $550 for this thing, if it’s free on a $50 plan then they might move a few to people who still think Motorola are cool or something, never forget the Atrix

    • Sean Royce

      My dad owned the Atrix. It was what they called a “flagship” at the time. It was terrible. Bad low res screen, laggy as, no updates to be seen in site. Stuck on gingerbread for life. I do believe Motorola have changed for the better though.

    • Me

      Don’t forget the Milestone 2, gingerbread promised but NEVER came!!!
      Don’t forget the Razr V which got only 1 update and support is already dumped even though it’s not even 2 years old.

      Beware of Motorola!!!

  • JeniSkunk

    Too little, too late is indeed the case, combined with what is now mid-tier specs, priced too high.
    If Lenovorola expects Australia to pay fool price for a, now, 7 month old device which is already on the chopping block, they’ve got to be dreaming.

    • Sean Royce

      I don’t know why were still talking about specs these days. It’s all about optimisation these days. Specs do count to a point though.

      • Daniel Tyson

        Totally pumped for the Hands-Free ‘Ok Google Whatsup?’ feature myself. Specs be damned.

      • JeniSkunk

        That’s one thing I’d like to see roll out as standard for Google Search and Google Now, on all devices and OS versions

      • vijay alapati

        might be hard as that feature needs a dedicated processor, if google keeps this as default every android phone then must have a dedicated processor to save battery….but android is all about open and easy to port

      • Guest

        Testing to see if all my comments now go to pending status?!?

      • Joshua Hill

        Other Snapdragon chipsets also have the always on listening! A dev has managed to get it working on a Nexus 5 so theoretically anything with a snapdragon 800 chip in it. They wouldn’t release it because it was very buggy and there may have been legal concerns. The news story only broke in the last week or so :) I think the audio chipset was the dedicated always on processor in the 800 chipset so it doesn’t need to be anything particularly fancy.

        Note: Still waiting for my original comment to be approved. I think the use of the word ‘h e l l’ needed approval??? Anyway gave up waiting on Ausdroid so apologies in advance for any future double post.

      • Sean Royce

        I’d like one myself, but I myself and looking forward to the Xperia Z2. I was incredibly impressed by it. I am 99% sure it’ll be my next phone. Unless anything new and great comes out. Not even excited by all the HTC One leaks.

    • Jason Murray

      Upvoted for “Lenovorola”

  • glennv17

    And we thought the Moto G would kill the Galaxy Ace and phones like that…

  • vijay alapati

    all i want to know is for how many years will they support the OS upgrade… this was almost a year old (remember the moto x in US was released with jellybean)….so if they only support for just one more version of android….then there is no point to spend $549…while this is just $299 (via few deals)

    NOTE: also heard that new moto x is coming soon :o