All the Nexus Accessories!! Google has updated the Devices section of Google Play this morning with more accessories for their line of Nexus devices. The two new additions include a ‘Nexus Charging Accessory’ (read: Charger) and the Nexus 7 Case.

The Nexus 7 Case is a stylish looking flip cover, the new case is a much more quality case than the travel cover that was released initially. The new Nexus 7 cover is also an update on the ‘Premium Case’ which Asus sell online in their Australian Accessory store. With its foldable cover, the Nexus 7 cover can act as a stand to prop your Nexus 7(2013) up to watch videos or receive video calls on, or you can position your Nexus 7 in a flatter layout so you can use it in keyboard mode to type up a storm.

The case is available in four colours – Black, White/Red, Grey/Blue and Grey/Red. But they’re premium style cases and they have a premium price to match – $61.95 each. There are delivery options for the cases, with options to choose between Saver (6-8 Business Days) $4.50 or International Priority (2-7 Business Days) $10.95.





Finally, Google has added a ‘Nexus Charging Accessory‘ to the Play store. It’s essentially a charger. The fairly bland (how exciting can a charger be?) Play Store description simply states ‘Featuring a detachable mini USB cable and fast 9W AC charging.’ and gives the specs as 47.32grams, with dimensions of 47 x 47 x 26.6 mm and it’s only available in Black.

Nexus Chargin Accessory

The ‘What’s in the box’ advises more information though advising that the charger is a 9W 1.8A AC Adapter. The Nexus Charging accessory is compatible with both phones and tablets, including the most recent Nexus devices :

  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 5
  • Nexus 7
  • Nexus 7 (2012)
  • Nexus 10

The Nexus Charging Accessory will cost $19.95 + delivery, and once again for delivery you can choose between Saver (6-8 Business Days) $4.50 or International Priority (2-7 Business Days) $10.95.

Head on over to the Google Play Devices Accessory section to check out the new additions and if you’re in need of a case or charger, place your order.

Source(s): Nexus 7 Case, and Nexus Charging Accessory
  • Piers Porter

    Shouldn’t that be a ‘micro USB’ connector on the Nexus Charger? I’ve never seen a mini USB charger on an Android device – I thought micro supplanted mini USB years ago…

  • derp

    The case looks pretty interesting.

    The charger is the same unit that comes with the wireless charging stand (not including the inductive plate of course)

  • whispy_snippet

    Does the new cover have smart wake functionality?

  • Marné Prinsloo

    My Android chargers have lasted ages. I’ll tell you what needs to be cheaper, macbook chargers. The friggen chord always breaks!