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LG has been rumoured to bring the G3 launch forward to a May/June launch date for a few months now, with the leak of screenshots purported to be from the device it’s looking more and more likely that there’s working prototypes out there at the very least and according to, their sources are telling them that LG is arranging training for the phone under the guise of a training and over-view session for a non-existent handset with the model #: B2.


The invite went out to the ‘entire company’ apparently indicating that the information is quite important as befits the launch of a flagship device. LG currently only has four series of smart phones – L, F, V and of course G, which as you see there’s a distinct lack of B series, let alone a B1 model for a reported sequel to replace.

So far the G3 is looking likely to come with a 5.5″ 2560×1440 screen. Apart from the incredibly high resolution screen, we’re probably likely to see the rear mounted keys that first appeared on the LG G2, and re-appeared on the G Flex, making it seemingly a keystone of the G series.

Hopefully we see the G3 here in Australia in just as timely a manner as we saw both the G2 and the G Flex when LG launched them. With HTC and Samsung’s flagship phones almost announced it seems we’ll be seeing some leaks for the G3 in the intervening months till the release.

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