Monday , March 27 2017

Galaxy S5 Gold, Exclusive to Vodafone UK


It’s all about the exclusives sometimes in the mobile phone market and more so when the phone is hotly anticipated, so Vodafone UK announcing an exclusive Gold coloured handset is kind of a big deal. The latest flasgship in Samsung’s Galaxy range of phones is going to be launched in Australia on Wednesday Night, and most of the Australian Carriers are taking expressions of interest in the handset as are online and physical retail outlets.

Spec wise, the phone is the same, but Gold in colour. Obviously with direct links to Vodafone in the UK, the question is obviously if other Vodafone branches around the world will get the Gold coloured version, we have reached out to the Vodafone PR team in Australia for comment and will post an update to this article once they’ve responded.

Does the Galaxy S5 catch your attention, or are you waiting for another flagship device to drop close to Christmas?

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Source: Vodafone UK.
Via: GSM Arena.

Phil Tann   Senior Associate

  • phantomsofthedesert

    for me its a little bit early to tell which way I’ll go. although I have had 3 galaxy S phone at the moment I don’t really see a necessity to get the S5.i might wait for the note 4. there is nothing in the s5 I want right now. plus it still close to the s4 and s3. in my opinion.

  • mrjayviper

    tacky. so very unlike the champagne/gold 5s. The HTC one (2014) pic I saw earlier was great. the phone looks gorgeous.

  • vijay alapati

    Hmm…. Unwanted news….. Is this UKdroid

  • Jonathan

    The answer: get a Sony Z2 instead of this fugly gold S5!

  • JeniSkunk

    That Samsung ‘gold’ looks more like copper.
    Does Samsung UK need a proper colour chart?

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