Saturday , October 29 2016

Retailer Roundup: Weekly Specials

It has been a couple of weeks (maybe more give or take) and we thought it was time to bring it back. So, what’s on-sale around the traps?

Available now until Tuesday 25 March

Available now until Tuesday 25 March

Remember Coles now also have Google Play Gift Cards (Unfortunately not on-sale though).

Dick Smith
Available now until Wednesday 26 March



Available now until Wednesday 26 March


Big W
Available now until Wednesday 26 March


Remember if you’ve seen a good deal around the net or in a store add it to the comments or shoot it through to us from the tip form.


Alex Dennis   Senior Associate

Alex started his Android journey with his first ever Android based phone, the Sony Xperia X10 Mini and he hasn't looked back.

Sure yes he was a fanboy for another technology company *cough* Apple *cough* but he has seen the error of his ways and is now very much an Android and Chrome related fanboy!

By day, Alex works within the Industrial Relations field/occupation but by night and in his spare down time he searches the net for anything and everything relating to Android and Chrome related products and news.

Other various interests Alex has include, Accessible transport for people with disabilities along with LGBTIQ and Health related fields and interests for again for people with disabilities.

  • NOZ

    598 reduces to 318 after redemption….whooooa

  • JeniSkunk

    Another similar typo, Dan
    $358 (reduces to $318 after $50 cash back via redemption)

    Should be reduces to $308