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After all the leaks leading up to this morning’s launch event, the all new HTC One is finally here officially. Considering the effort HTC have put into the new One’s camera, I think we’re all a little eager to see how well it performs.

Last year’s One was lauded for its stellar low-light performance, but if you are like me, the low-light performance of the One’s camera seemed to get steadily worse over time until the point where it was basically useless in anything less than bright sunlight. The degradation happened so slowly to me that I didn’t really notice it happening until I saw someone else take a night photo with their One, which was not tainted by the pink hue and poor picture quality shown above.

Some further investigation revealed that this was quite a common problem with particular batches of the One, and the colour tint was caused by the camera module overheating during operation. If your One takes photos like the image above, take it back to your carrier-it is a known hardware fault and they should swap it over for another handset or send it away for repair.

If you’re worried that you’ve rooted your phone or that it’s a bit scratched, remember that the Australian Consumer Law doesn’t allow retailers to refuse warranty claims on these grounds alone. My phone was running custom everything, and was pretty badly damaged, and Vodafone still swapped it over on the spot because the problem was a known fault.

Have you experienced the pink tint issue on your HTC One? Did your carrier replace it for you? Let us know in the comments

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