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The Moto X, the phone that we’ve heard about non-stop for the last eight months from tech sites in the US is finally here. Announced for the Australian market two weeks ago starting at $549, the phone has finally reached a retailer – JB Hifi and it’s dropped $50 in price since the announcement being advertised at $499.

The phone is available on the JB Hifi website in Black or White. As we originally said at the time, there’s no Moto Maker option to customise the phone at this time unfortunately.

JB Hifi is pushing the Moto X as a Telstra compatible phone, which given their history as a Telstra agent is not a surprise. The phone will definitely work on all three major networks in Australia, although the 2300MHz Optus 4G Plus network in Canberra won’t work, but all other LTE markets (1800MHz) should be fine.

A brief run around JB Hifi produced mixed results, with staff advising that the Moto X wasn’t even on their system as yet. Given the phones appearance on the JB Hifi Website, that state of affairs is sure to change very soon.

So far JB Hifi is the only retailer carrying the Moto X. Given their status as a launch partner for the Moto G, we expected The Good Guys to carry it, but so far it hasn’t appeared on their site, or in-store. Telechoice is of course the only other place you’ll find the Moto X in Australia at current, although they still do not have it on their website.

Let us know if you’ve seen the Moto X in a retailer or at a carrier.

Source: JB Hifi.
Companies: Motorola, and Telstra
Devices: Moto X