Friday , April 28 2017

Motorola Moto X now available on JB Hifi website for $499

The Moto X, the phone that we’ve heard about non-stop for the last eight months from tech sites in the US is finally here. Announced for the Australian market two weeks ago starting at $549, the phone has finally reached a retailer – JB Hifi and it’s dropped $50 in price since the announcement being advertised at $499.

The phone is available on the JB Hifi website in Black or White. As we originally said at the time, there’s no Moto Maker option to customise the phone at this time unfortunately.

JB Hifi is pushing the Moto X as a Telstra compatible phone, which given their history as a Telstra agent is not a surprise. The phone will definitely work on all three major networks in Australia, although the 2300MHz Optus 4G Plus network in Canberra won’t work, but all other LTE markets (1800MHz) should be fine.

A brief run around JB Hifi produced mixed results, with staff advising that the Moto X wasn’t even on their system as yet. Given the phones appearance on the JB Hifi Website, that state of affairs is sure to change very soon.

So far JB Hifi is the only retailer carrying the Moto X. Given their status as a launch partner for the Moto G, we expected The Good Guys to carry it, but so far it hasn’t appeared on their site, or in-store. Telechoice is of course the only other place you’ll find the Moto X in Australia at current, although they still do not have it on their website.

Let us know if you’ve seen the Moto X in a retailer or at a carrier.

Source: JB Hifi.

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  • JeniSkunk

    $499 for a feature crippled version of a last year’s mid tier phone? Still way overpriced. For it to be priced properly, it needs to come down by another $250.

  • Andrew Melder

    I bought mine yesterday from JB HiFi in Perth’s ENEX100 store. They only got them in stock that morning and staff had no idea they were even getting them.

    Loving the phone so far. At $499 it’s a decent buy, even for a older phone.

  • twister286

    Still overpriced.

    I picked up an Xperia Z Ultra for $399 last week, and I can still get a Nexus 5 with way better specs for $419 delivered (16GB).

    $499 for a decidedly mid-tier device with last year’s mid-range specs? Moto must be smoking something.

    • Me

      Xperia Z Ultra for $399……where? (that’s definitely not in a retail shop)

      Yeah, not a single person has said anything positive about this phone ever since the Aussie price was revealed.

      • Chris

        Sony Store had them for $399 white or black. I picked up one on Friday

        • Joshua Hill

          Are you talking about the Z1 Compact or Ultra because we were clearly talking about the compact but I think you’re talking about the ultra?

      • twister286

        Sony Centre stores were clearing them out (there’s no Z2 version of the ultra announced as yet) for $399…it was a mad rush for the last few left, but few people got lucky.

        Even the Z1 Compact is being sold by Telstra for $552 outright…There’s no way this phone can justify its price tag, or any price tag more than $300-350 for that matter.

        • Joshua Hill

          I just got a Z1 compact outright from Telstra. Great phone but BEWARE THE BACK IS PLASTIC AND SCRATCHES EASILY EVEN WITH CAREFUL USE!

          • Mitchell Oke

            One of the reasons I returned mine. The plastic back was practically destroyed after 3 days of simply sliding it in and out of a pocket, and placing it on my office desk. Inexcusable, especially considering the durability of their other glass-backed offerings.

    • whispy_snippet

      For sure. You’d be mad to go a Moto X now. Wait for gen 2 if you’re set on a Motorola flag ship phone.

  • Joshua Hill

    Have to disagree with those saying the Moto is overpriced. A lot of people said the Moto was overpriced at release too. Some people, myself included obviously place a greater value on the overall phone use (ergonomics, battery life, lifestyle features in OS) as opposed to just hardware specs.

    I think at $499 the phone is reasonably priced and if I hadn’t just upgraded to a Xperia Z1 compact in the last week I would have very seriously considered the Moto X before making a decision.

  • Mendo Vasilevski

    I don’t think specs are that important with this phone, this is about being user friendly. The wrist flick photo feature & ability to talk to your mobile at anytime is unseen in any mobile. The battery life is supposed to be 24 hours beating many phones. I’m interested in seeing what happens with the price point. I’m locked into a contract so I have to wait till I’m done. I have been hanging for this phone because of the voice feature. I’m an artist & always have paint on my hands, so talking to me phone with commands is perfect for me…might be a bit embarrassing in public but I guess you will get over that. THE RELEASE WAS WAY TOO SOFT FOR SUCH AN AWESOME PHONE….

  • Frank 29

    Found this site by searching for moto x. The good guys have this also, as I just bought one online from their website.

  • cb

    Late to this discussion. Now that the moto x gen 2 is out, I think gen 1 is a really good option if you don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount for a flagship. Not for sale at retail stores anymore but I bought mine from jb HiFi for $360 back in July. Unless you’ve used the moto x you don’t realize how good the phone really is.

    It may be dual core but general phone operation I find it to be really fast with no lag. Just as fast as current flagships with the latest processors. The graphics chip on it is the same as most of the current flagship phones too so gaming is still smooth.

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