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Aside from my love of the OS this post is completely unrelated to Android. I wanted to take a few minutes to post a huge thank you to all of the readers, media relations, PR staff, Ausdroid Team members and suppliers who have taken the time over the last 15 months to make contact and send their best wishes during what has been a harrowing journey for my family and I.

For those of you who have been following our journey it’s been up and down since my son Alex was diagnosed with a Cancerous Brain Tumour on the 3rd of January 2013. The next 7 weeks was a blur of Doctors, nurses, names of drugs I couldn’t pronounce let alone understand what they were doing (other than making my son very ill) and despite the fact I’ll never be able to, I’d much rather forget the whole year.

Through all of this, I had a steady stream of well wishes from people involved with Ausdroid most of whom I’ve never met; making contact to wish me and my family well. It speaks volumes of the community that we’re in here at Ausdroid and all I can do is offer my sincerest and heartfelt thank to each and every one of you who called, tweeted, emailed, text messaged, facebooked, sent messages on G+ or Hangouts or in any other way made contact through 2013. The show of support gave my wife and I so much strength.

He’s come such a long way from the extremely ill boy that we had mid last year, now to a point where he’s got the energy to play and be a little boy. It’s a truly magical thing to see him so happy now.

Once again to each and every one of you who made contact, Thank you!