LG has this morning announced that they have begun rolling out the Android 4.4 update for the LG G2 to customers on the Optus network.

The LG G2 was sold exclusively on the Optus Network, but customers who purchased outright will also see the update on their devices as well.

The LG G2 began shipping in November last year to Australian customers with Android 4.2.2 on-board and this is the first update we’ve seen for the phone, but it’s a fairly significant one. There’s a full range of improvements that Android 4.4 brought to devices including the Chromium Engine for web browsing, Immersive Mode and specifically for the LG, a new manual settings mode for power management to enable better battery life on the phone.

Lambro Skropidis, General Manager Marketing at LG Electronics Australia said of the update

LG is constantly striving to improve the user experience for its mobile customers and the latest KitKat OS upgrade furthers our commitment to our Australian customers. In addition to introducing new features, the KitKat OS upgrade for the LG G2 delivers a number of improvements that enhance the entire mobile user experience. We trust that our customers will enjoy the extra features offered by our latest upgrade package.

While the update is rolling out to existing owners, new handsets will come pre-loaded with Android 4.4 out of the box.

I loved the LG G2 when I reviewed it back in October last year, it was a solid handset with possibly the best screen, camera and battery life of any phone I’ve yet reviewed. The introduction of Android 4.4 to this great hardware can only make for a better overall experience. If you’re interested in trying out the LG G2, Kogan is selling the G2 for an insanely cheap $449 + Shipping.

Time to start hitting those ‘Check for software Updates’ buttons. Have you received the Update on your LG G2 yet?

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  • Shrinidhi Hosamane

    Finally got it..

  • Antoni Chrzanowski

    just tried to update through pc suite and it keeps Saying
    ‘please check the status is normal’ what does that mean

  • Dean Reading

    Still waiting…. Got mine outright from JB

  • Tom Foley

    Just for anyone getting excited about kogan having the phone for around $450 odd, LG are doing $50 cash back on Aussie stock G2s. So I bought mine at allphones for $499 and get $50 cash back… $449.. No waiting for delivery and 2 years manufacturers warranty

  • Phill Edwards

    How do you find the “new manual settings mode for power management”?

  • Anthrox

    my wife G2 still hasnt had an update we picked it up outright

  • Ewan

    How about Lg GPad updates? Any news?

  • Adrian

    Anyone received the update yet?

  • Adam M

    “If you’re interested in trying out the LG G2, Kogan is selling the G2 for an insanely cheap $449 + Shipping.”

    Wow. At that price I’d have definitely bought a G2 over my Nexus 5.

    • http://ausdroid.net/ Daniel Tyson

      This. G2 was a brilliant handset, in fact if I wasn’t saving for a potential trip to the US soon, It would be already in my hands.

      • johnms1986

        I had the phone with optus and got the update a week ago. Things didnt work out with optus so i bought the phone outright. But no update? When do you think it will be rolled out to phones not with optus?

      • KA

        Same here I am waiting for my LG G2 bought outright from Harvey Norman.

  • Phill Edwards

    I got my update a couple of weeks ago. All good so far. My phone came from Hong Kong via Kogan.

  • Winsy

    This is pretty sad. For the first time, LG has pushed an update to their flagship faster than Samsung has. If you look at the Optus Android updates page, only Samsung flagship phones are still waiting for Kit Kat to get tested while the rest (HTC, LG and Sony) have already got their updates approved. I’m really starting to question the people at Samsung Australia…