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Handsets from LG in their high end G line of phones specifically have become highly desirable over the last two years, and the LG G3 is looking set to follow this trend, not only from a design standpoint but from rumours surrounding the hardware that LG will be including, namely a high resolution 2560 x 1440 screen.

The rumours of the high resolution screen have been around for a while, and were seemingly confirmed earlier this week in a UserAgent Profile for a Sprint handset with the model# LS990. With LG currently manufacturing a 5.5″ 2560 x 1440 resolution screen, this is certainly a credible rumour.

On the design side of things, The Verge has received a photo of the retail box for the LG G3, which comes in a distinctive gold colour. While no shots of the phone were released, The Verge tells us that the colour will be continued on the actual handset.
LG G3 Gold

The release of the G3 has been pegged as being in June, it won’t be too long till we begin seeing more leaks like this one. But here’s hoping there’s a range of colours available at launch for those who feel gold just isn’t their colour.

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  • TheDeviate

    I’m very eager to see what the Nexus 6 is going to be like. My contract runs out soon!!

  • toast

    Need the G Flex 2 with these specs

  • Andrew White

    If it is released later rather than sooner, we may actually get the most potent processor yet developed….the Qualcomm 805.
    The jewel in the crown though has to be the 1440p screen on a 5.5″ device this will be simply amazing. Many persons have said on numerous sites that this is a pointless exercise. I strongly disagree i.e pixel density is lost when you crop any image.
    Waterproofing and sound quality enhancement will also be of major benefit to me over my existing G Pro.
    One revolutionary feature that G3 won’t have that the also yet to be released Oppo Find 7 will have, is ultra fast charging. This could be the deal breaker for me.
    As high end smartphones grow in size with much more powerful hardware, larger batteries have had to be fitted. This is not the way forward and the various types of economy modes are not a solution either. It is taking a lot longer to recharge, granted you can carry a power pack or swap out the existing battery if the phone allows it.
    There is still time…maybe, to make the changes on an international model.