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When Google launched Android Wear, their initial launch partners were Motorola – who managed to corner most of the press with their circular Moto 360 – and LG, who showed off a not very visible ‘G Watch’ in a render. LG has since been playing catch-up. We got a slightly better look at the watch thanks to their Facebook page and Pocket-Lint got an even closer look last month and today via their Facebook page LG have shown off the LG/Google designed smartwatch, based on Google Now information, in a champagne white colour.

Apparently due to arrive in the second quarter of this year the LG smartwatch has been been given a UK price of under £180 but pricing for the rest of the world is unknown. Along with the information of the new colour today, LG have also stated the watch will have an always-on screen, is dust and water resistant (how much and to what rating we do not know at this stage) and it responds to the Google Now commands. There also appears to be a proprietary charging connection on the underside of the watch, which seems to be the case of all smartwatches announced so far (Samsung Gear 2, Pebble etc).

While the LG smartwatch may not have to designer good looks of the Motorola 360 it does have certain things in its favour. It is the watch that Google are working on with the manufacturer to produce a reference device for their Android Wear. Those of us who prefer Nexus devices for this reason will obviously be looking at purchasing this smartwatch.

How many others here will too? Does the champagne gold colour make this watch more attractive to you or is the stealth black the version you are after?

Source: LG.
Via: Android and Me.
Companies: LG